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Critic’s Punishment and Disappearance is Met with Moscow’s Silence

A video circulating on Russian social media shows a young man apparently being forced to penetrate himself with a glass bottle: a forced punishment for allegedly helping to “spread lies” about Chechen authorities. It once again highlights the Chechen…
Graphic circulating on Russian social media in support of  the Telegram channel "1ADAT". 

A Transgender Woman’s Court Victory Highlights the Russian Regulation’s Absurdity

Click to expand Image The Russian flag flies on a courthouse…
The Russian flag flies on a courthouse building in St. Petersburg, Russia, March 15 2020.
1. These written submissions are made by Human Rights Watch pursuant to article 36 § 2 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (the European Convention on Human Rights, ECHR) following the leave granted by the…

Court Warps Child Rights Arguments to Defend ‘Gay Propaganda’ Law

Click to expand Image LGBT rights activists carry the rainbow…
LGBT rights activists carry the rainbow flag during a May Day rally in St. Petersburg, Russia.

European Court Finds Russian Authorities Discriminated Against LGBT Groups

Click to expand Image Russian blogger, Zhenya Svetski, stands…
Russian blogger, Zhenya Svetski, stands with a sign reading “I am not ‘gay propaganda’” in Moscow, December 2018.