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Law Banning Gender Change Still Rife with Discrimination

Transgender and intersex people in Hungary recently won a small victory amid rampant discrimination when the country’s Constitutional Court ruled that a legal ban on changing gender, introduced last year, does not apply retroactively…
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, center right, speaks during a plenary session in the House of Parliament in Budapest, Hungary, Monday, March 23, 2020.

Parliament Should Reject Anti-LGBT Proposal; EU Commission Should Speak Out

Click to expand Image People march with a giant rainbow flag from…
People march with a giant rainbow flag from the parliament building in Budapest during the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Pride Parade on July 6, 2019.

 Every day I fear for my safety living in this country because of my sexual orientation. I am alive but if anyone ever find out and wanted to find out, they can kill me …I am an easy target for anything.
 —Peter, Dominica,…
The U.N. Human Rights Council recently passed a resolution on “traditional values of humankind” as a vehicle for “promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms.” It sounds innocuous, but its implications are ominous. Indeed, it is an immediate threat to…

Police Response Discriminatory, Threatens Freedom of Assembly

(Budapest) – Hungarian police should immediately revoke their decision to refuse planners of the 2012 Pride March permission to pursue their chosen route, Human Rights Watch said today. The march should be allowed to go ahead as planned on July 7. The…

Implement Venice Commission’s Recommendations; Protect Disability Rights

(New York) - Hungary should address the human rights concerns linked to its new constitution that the Venice Commission raised in its June 20, 2011 report, Human Rights Watch said today. In addition, Hungary should guarantee that people with disabilities…

President Should Send Back to Parliament for Reconsideration

(New York) - The new Hungarian constitution approved by parliament contains provisions that could lead to discrimination, Human Rights Watch said today. President Pál Schmitt should send the constitution back to Parliament to address these and other human…

Protect Demonstrators from Violence, Guarantee Rights to Expression, Assembly

(New York) - The Budapest Metropolitan Court's decision on February 18, 2011, to allow an extended route for a gay pride march was an important victory for freedom of assembly in Hungary, Human Rights Watch said today. The Budapest police had denied…

Government Should Prosecute Violence, Prohibit Discrimination

(New York) - The killing of Ebru Soykan, a prominent transgender human rights activist, on March 10, 2009, shows a continuing climate of violence based on gender identity that authorities should urgently take steps to combat, Human Rights Watch said today…