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Diplomats, judges, lawyers, human rights activists and members of nongovernmental organizations are currently marking the 10th anniversary of the completion of the treaty that established the International Criminal Court. The court's creation was an…

Secretary-General to Address ICC Meeting at UN Headquarters

(New York) - The United Nations secretariat and the 105 states that have joined the International Criminal Court should step up support for the court so that it can bring justice for war crimes, Human Rights Watch said today as the ICC opens its annual…
(New York)- United Nations Security Council leaders meeting today to discuss peace and security in Africa should not leave justice off the agenda, Human Rights Watch said. French President Nicolas Sarkozy is chairing the meeting this afternoon in New York…

Nigeria Must Hand Suspect to War Crimes Court

(New York) – Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf took a landmark step for justice and accountability in West Africa when she formally asked Nigeria to surrender former president Charles Taylor to face trial, Human Rights Watch said today. President…

During West Africa Visit, Louise Arbour Should Put Justice High on Her Agenda

(New York) - During her visit to West Africa this week, the United Nations’ top human rights official, Louise Arbour, should press for ex-Liberian President Charles Taylor’s surrender to the U.N.-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone, the Campaign Against…

Security Council to Be Briefed on Progress of Sierra Leone’s U.N.-Backed War Crimes Court

(New York) - The United Nations Security Council should work toward the prompt surrender of former Liberian President Charles Taylor to Sierra Leone’s U.N.-backed war crimes court, Human Rights Watch said today. This morning the Security Council will be…

Item 14 – 60th Session, U.N. Commission on Human Rights

Sierra Leonean activist FannyAnn Eddy speaks to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights about LGBT rights in Sierra Leone and Africa. Distinguished members of the Commission, My name is FannyAnn Eddy and I am representing MADRE. I am also a member of the…

 Bringing Justice: the Special Court for Sierra Leone
 Accomplishments,Shortcomings, and Needed Support
 I. Introduction
 II. Brief
 Overview of the Establishment of the Special Court

U.N.-Backed Court Makes Great Strides, But Key Concerns Remain

(New York) - The U.N.-backed court for war crimes in Sierra Leone needs funding to ensure justice for victims of atrocities committed during the country's 11-year civil war, Human Rights Watch said in a report issued today. The Special Court for Sierra…
(New York) — The U.N. Security Council should use its mission to West Africa to call on Nigeria to surrender Charles Taylor, the indicted former Liberian president, to Sierra Leone's U.N.-backed court for war crimes, Human Rights Watch said. The mission…
Sir Emyr Jones Parry U.K. Ambassador to the U.N. Your Excellency,  For over a decade, Human Rights Watch has monitored crisis and conflict in West Africa, documented human rights abuses, and pressed for action to stop the abuses. Human Rights Watch…

U.N., U.S. Should Urge Nigeria to Hand Over Liberian Ex-President

(New York) - The United Nations and the United States should explicitly call on Nigeria to turn former Liberian President Charles Taylor over to the Special Court for Sierra Leone, Human Rights Watch said today. On Wednesday, the Special Court will…

Prioritize Protection of Civilians in Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia

(New York) - The U.N. Security Council should hold governments in West Africa accountable for their support of abusive regimes and rebel groups, Human Rights Watch said in a briefing paper presented to the Security Council today. Members of the Security…

A Briefing Paper to the U.N. Security Council

Liberia: Upsurge in Fighting and Humanitarian CrisisCôte d'Ivoire: On the PrecipiceGuineaSierra Leone    The Sierra Leone Special CourtProtection of Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons and ECOWAS NationalsChild SoldiersUse of Proxy Forces and Support…

Liberian President Must Be Arrested

(New York) - Liberian President Charles Taylor should be arrested by the government of any country he travels to, now that his indictment has been announced by the Sierra Leone Special Court, Human Rights Watch said today. The Liberian president was…