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Until recently, the United States might have been considered a world leader in combating the use of child soldiers. But after events last month, children victimized in war may need to look elsewhere for help. The United States has spent millions of…

New US Report Names Six Governments That Could Lose Military Aid

(New York) - The United States should put pressure on governments identified by the State Department as using child soldiers to end the practice or lose US military assistance, Human Rights Watch said today. The State Department's 2010 annual report on…

Press for Progress on Security and Rule of Law

(New York) - The United Nations Security Council should extend the mandate of the United Nations Mission in the Central African Republic and Chad (MINURCAT) when it comes up for renewal in March 2010, Human Rights Watch said in a letter to Security…
(Hagadera Refugee Camp, Kenya) - For months, 18-year-old Ahmed Abdullahi had dodged the mortar shells that whizz daily through Mogadishu, the war-ravaged capital of Somalia. The one that finally drove him from Somalia tore though his family's house and…

Deception Used to Enlist Refugees to Fight in Somalia

(Nairobi) - The Kenyan government should immediately stop the recruitment of Somalis in refugee camps to fight for an armed force in Somalia, Human Rights Watch said today. Kenyan authorities have directly supported the drive, which has recruited…

Known Child Recruiters Promoted to Key Government, Military Posts

(New York) - The United Nations Security Council should impose sanctions on governments and armed groups for using child soldiers, sexual violence against children, and attacks on schools, and should promote effective prosecution of the commanders…

Strengthening the Security Council’s Response to Sexual Violence and Attacks on Education in Armed Conflict

For a full decade, the UN Security Council has addressed the severe abuses that children experience in armed conflict. Its response has included a series of six resolutions (1261, 1314, 1379, 1460, 1539, and 1612), the creation of a specialized working…

Afghanistan, Chad, DRC, Sri Lanka, Sudan, and Uganda May be Affected

(New York) – Under legislation adopted by the US Congress on December 10, 2008, governments involved in the use of children as soldiers may no longer be eligible for US military assistance, Human Rights Watch said today. The legislation, passed…

Measure to Prosecute Recruiters Abroad Puts Commanders on Notice

(New York) - Under a new law signed today by US President George W. Bush, leaders of military forces and armed groups who have recruited child soldiers may be arrested and prosecuted in the United States, Human Rights Watch said today. The law could apply…

Protection of Civilians Necessary for Lasting Peace

(New York) - The United Nations Security Council should address protection of civilians, justice, and human rights during its upcoming visit to Africa from June 1-10, 2008, Human Rights Watch said today in a letter to the council. Human Rights Watch…

Hybrid Force Should Enhance Civilian Protection Capabilities

(New York) - International peacekeepers in Darfur should provide civilian protection and use rapid-response capabilities to protect women from widespread rape and other sexual violence, Human Rights Watch said today. A report from the UN Office of the…
Following our reporting on militia violence and the use of child soldiers in Chad, the Chadian government pledged in May to cooperate with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in identifying and demobilizing children in armed forces. Since then,…
Early to War Child Soldiers in the Chad Conflict Map of Central and Eastern Chad Summary Methodology Recommendations To the Government of Chad.. To the FUC.. To UNICEF To the Government of the United States To the Government of France.. To the…

 "They Came Here to Kill Us"
 Militia Attacks and Ethnic Targeting of Civilians in Eastern Chad
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