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Item 6 Universal Periodic Review

Thank you, Madam President
 We are particularly dismayed that Iran rejected a majority of the recommendations with regards to ratification of the core human rights treaties, in particular the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of…

Human Rights Watch Submission - 2017

We write on the occasion of the inaugural Australia-Iran human rights dialogue, to be held in Canberra in August 2017. Australia should raise pressing human rights issues in an unambiguous manner, set clear benchmarks for improvements, and make the…

Video testimony for EP Subcommittee on Human Rights hearing

Video testimony for European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights hearing"Sport and human rights on the occasion of the Olympic Games in Rio”
 Wednesday, 13 July 2016, 11.00 - 12.30
 DROI        Agenda

Submitted by Human Rights Watch to the UN Human Rights Committee on the occasion of its Pre-Sessional Review of Iran

This memorandum provides an overview of Human Rights Watch’s main concerns with respect to the human rights crisis in Iran, submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Committee (“the Committee”) in advance of its pre-sessional review of Iran in 2011. We…

Oral Statement at the 16th Session of the Human Rights Council - March 14th, 2011

Over the past several months, Human Rights Watch has documented an alarming deterioration of the human rights situation in Iran, in particular an escalation in the targeting of opposition leaders, lawyers and civil society activists, and a violent…

Submission for the Secretary-General's report on a death penalty moratorium

Human Rights Watch's submission documents laws and practices resulting in the death penalty against juvenile offenders in the five countries known to have executed juvenile offenders since January 2005: Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen.

Testimony by Tom Malinowski, Human Rights Watch Washington advocacy director<br><br>US House of Representatives Subcommittee on International Organizations, Human Rights, and Oversight

Mr. Chairman, members of the Committee, thank you for holding this hearing and for inviting me to testify. You’ve asked a question today that unfortunately has a very simple answer. Is there a human rights double standard? Yes, there is. There has always…
U.S. President George W. Bush will be traveling to Africa from July 7-12, visiting Senegal, South Africa, Botswana, Uganda, and Nigeria. This packet from Human Rights Watch includes material for each stop along the way. A brief overview of the Bush…