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Item 6 UPR adoption

Zimbabwe’s adoption of a new Constitution with an expansive Bill of Rights in 2013 was a major achievement, but since then the government has implemented no meaningful legislative reforms to align existing laws to the constitution.
 In 2016,…
 A woman stands in front of a pile of her household property at Chingwizi transit camp, which the government forcibly shut down in August 2014. Hundreds of families lost their property left in the open during their relocation to the camp. March 2014.

Opening the Door for Girls' Education, Health, and Freedom from Violence

Click to expand Image A young, unmarried girl stands amid a herd…

Testimony of Dewa Mavhinga, Senate Foreign Relations Committee,

Introduction Thank you Chairman Coons, Ranking Member Flake, and other members of the committee for providing Human Rights Watch the opportunity to testify at this hearing on Zimbabwe. I would like to request that my statement in its entirety be submitted…

Human Rights Watch's Submission to the Human Rights Council - March 2011

Over the past decade, Zimbabwe's political development has been stymied by the government's closure of political space to avoid public scrutiny and competition from the political opposition. The government and state security forces have committed…

Missing Human Rights Activists and Movement for Democratic Change Members

(Johannesburg) - This is a list of human rights activists and Movement for Democratic Change members whom Human Rights Watch believes have been "disappeared" by the authorities in Zimbabwe. In all cases, the authorities have refused to acknowledge their…

Human Rights Watch's Statement to the UN Human Rights Council

Human Rights Watch brings the human rights situations in Somalia, Ethiopia, China, and Zimbabwe to the Council's attention during the June session's General Debate (agenda item 4). Thank you Mr. President, Somalia’s civilian population continues to bear…
U.S. President George W. Bush will be traveling to Africa from July 7-12, visiting Senegal, South Africa, Botswana, Uganda, and Nigeria. This packet from Human Rights Watch includes material for each stop along the way. A brief overview of the Bush…