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Submission to the UN Independent Expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons

This submission is based on Human Rights Watch research on human rights issues impacting older women,[1] including domestic violence, abuse, and neglect in residential institutions for older people, abuses during armed conflict, and health disparities…
January 27, 2015 Zama Coursen-Neff VA House Bill No. 1906 Testimony   I. Introduction My name is Zama Coursen-Neff and I direct the children’s rights division of Human Rights Watch. I am here to speak in support of House Bill No. 1906. For more than 15…

Submission to the 9th UPR session (November 2010)

Executive SummaryEquality and DiscriminationRight to Life, Liberty, and Security of PersonAdministration of JusticeMigrants, Refugees, and Asylum SeekersHuman Rights and CounterterrorismAppendix of Human Rights Watch Reports and Research Executive…