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Calls for Mass Gatherings; No Quarantine or Travel Restrictions

  Click to expand Image A woman holds a sign that reads "Love in…
A woman holds a sign that reads "Love in Times of Covid-19" during a government-sponsored march in Managua, Nicaragua, on March 14, 2020.

Government Expels International Bodies, Accuses Rights Defenders

Click to expand Image Vilma Núñez, director of the Nicaraguan…
Nicaragua_Vilma Nunez

Special Human Rights Council Session Needed

 (Washington, D.C.) – President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua has promoted two officials who have played a leading role in the brutal repression of protests in the country, Human Rights Watch said today. They are General Francisco Diaz, now director of…
General Ramón Avellán (left) and General Francisco Díaz (right), at a press conference in Managua, Nicaragua. March 2, 2017.