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20 November 2019
 BBC Panorama / Sunday Times investigation 
 We write to you following the BBC Panorama and Sunday Times joint investigation which found evidence the Ministry of Defence and some elements within the Armed Forces have…
Dear Minister Payne,
 Congratulations on your reappointment as foreign minister. Human Rights Watch looks forward to working with you to make protection of human rights a strong pillar of Australia’s foreign policy.
Brussels, 22 May 2017
 RE: Civilian Protection in Afghanistan
 Dear NATO Members,
 At last year’s NATO Summit in Warsaw, member states endorsed a new policy on the protection of civilians. This policy came at a crucial time,…
May 15, 2017
 James Mattis
 Secretary of Defense
 Department of Defense
 1000 Defense Pentagon
 Washington, D.C. 22202
 Re: Civilian Protection in Afghanistan 
 Dear Secretary Mattis:
 We write…
Dear NATO Heads of State,
 The 2016 NATO Summit, to be held in Warsaw on July 8-9, 2016, is meant to reaffirm NATO’s continuing commitment to Afghanistan at a time when the Afghan government is under growing pressure not only from Taliban…
Pauline Hayes
 Deputy Director, Western Asia and Stabilization Division
 Department for International Development
 United Kingdom
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The Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Foreign and Commonwealth Office King Charles Street SW1A 2AH Dear Foreign Secretary, In advance of next month’s conference on Afghanistan—as you consider the policy and…