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As children across Serbia enjoy their summer break, for some children the next school year can’t start soon enough. It may be their first chance to get an education. The Serbian government formally pledged in June that all children with…
Marina  [pseudonym], a 4-year-old girl with developmental disabilities who spent ten months of her life in an institution, with her foster sister. © 2015 Jasenko Rasol for Human Rights Watch

The London summit this week could kick-start the revival of the stalled reform process in the region – but won’t if human rights and the rule of law stay off the agenda

  Western Balkan and European Union leaders meet in London this week for a summit that could be a chance to revive stalled reforms and focus attention on critical issues. Unfortunately, there is every chance it will turn out to be full of hot…
Migrants are seen in front of a dorm destroyed during Bosnian 1992-1995 war, in Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina May 11, 2018.
Nina Nikolayevna prefers to focus on the good times.   When the school principal reminisces about the celebrations they used to hold at School Number 3, she is animated and passionate.   There was the Saint…
It’s September, the beginning of a new school year in Ukraine, but the children of the small village of Nikishine in eastern Ukraine no longer have a school to go to.   Before the war, 58 children attended the village school…
School in Nikishine, eastern Ukraine, damaged during fighting between Ukrainian government and rebel forces from Aug. 2014 to Feb. 2015.

Detainees describe torture at the hands of Ukrainian officials

KIEV, Ukraine — In recent years we have all discovered that law-based, civilized societies have used torture against terrorism suspects. Still, when I went to Ukraine in June to investigate the treatment of migrants, I did not expect to find torture. We…
The year's end will be the first anniversary of an agreement between the European Union and Ukraine to take back "third country nationals" who cross borders without permission. Readmission agreements are a cornerstone of the EU's strategy to stop the…