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After Iranian women started sharing stories of sexual violence, the Iranian authorities have been forced to act.

Click to expand Image Iranian women wearing masks to protect…
Iranian women wearing masks to protect themselves from the coronavirus walk at the Grand Bazaar in Tehran on February 20, 2020.
With 253 executions in 2018—including six people executed for offenses they allegedly committed as children—Iran is still among the world’s leading executioners, according to Amnesty International’s recent annual report on global trends in executions. Yet…
Samereh Alinejad pardoned her son’s killer moments before his hanging.
There’s not much good news to share in Iran as Nowruz, the Iranian new year, approaches. The economic situation that played a role in nationwide protests during December 2017 and January 2018 is still difficult as millions of Iranians struggle to live a…
Ismail Bakhshi © Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA). Sepideh Gholian © 2018 Private.
The Iranian constitution after the 1979 revolution provides limited freedoms for religious minorities, and it does not recognize the Baha’i community, with more than 300,000 members in the country. Instead, for four decades, the Islamic Republic has…
Mehdi Hajati, the suspended Shiraz city council member.

There won’t be a ‘breakthrough’ until FIFA ensures women can buy tickets and safely watch sports

In early November, FIFA president Gianni Infantino was in Iran for the finals of the Asian Football Confederation tournament. This was his second visit this year to Tehran’s Azadi “Freedom” Stadium, where women have been banned since 1981.
Women in Iran are prevented from attending men's sports in stadiums
A new treaty to deepen the link between environmental protection and human rights in Latin America and the Caribbean has the potential to reduce the conflicts that lead to the murders of so many environmental defenders in the region. 
Bernardo, a man in his 30s, was born in a quilombo (Afro-Brazilian) community of around 60, men, women, and children in Minas Gerais State, southeast Brazil. Bernardo told Human Rights Watch that he feels powerless against aerial spraying of pesticides. “
No one was expecting the recent protests in Iran, which spread quickly across the country despite the absence of any clear or coordinated leadership. Tens of thousands of ordinary Iranians were motivated to join by their own extensive grievances,…