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As children across Serbia enjoy their summer break, for some children the next school year can’t start soon enough. It may be their first chance to get an education. The Serbian government formally pledged in June that all children with…
Marina  [pseudonym], a 4-year-old girl with developmental disabilities who spent ten months of her life in an institution, with her foster sister. © 2015 Jasenko Rasol for Human Rights Watch
Children across New Zealand are back in school for the new academic year, and many will be looking forward to studying, playing sport, and maybe singing in the school choir. This isn't the case for many children around the world who are denied…
Children sent to Nauru by Australia for “offshore processing,” August 2016. Parents and children reported that students from families of refugees and asylum seekers are frequently bullied by Nauruan students.
Children and adolescents with disabilities face huge challenges to access education in South Africa. One year on from the release of Human Rights Watch’s report documenting barriers to a quality education for children with disabilities, the government has…
2016-09-crd-south africa 2
  By Nafisa Baboo and Elin Martinez Think back to the last time you saw a child with a disability making their way to school. If you are a parent, have you seen any children with disabilities at your child’s school or daycare?…
Sipho, 14, who has epilepsy and an intellectual disability
Johannesburg - Qinisela, an 8-year-old South African boy with Down Syndrome, has never attended a day of school. The mainstream school near his house wouldn’t admit him, saying it couldn’t teach him like other children. Qinisela has been…
An estimated half-a-million children with disabilities have been shut out of South Africa’s education system, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today at a joint event with South Africa’s Human Rights Commission.