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Nine-months pregnant, Fatema Akhter Mukta, 30, died on June 10 after her family struggled for five days to find a hospital in Bangladesh willing to admit her when she began having trouble breathing. When, finally, a hospital admitted her and referred…
Patients sit on the ground as they wait in queue outside of a hospital for Covid-19 test in Dhaka, Bangladesh on May 16, 2020. 

Celebrating Change on International Albinism Awareness Day

June 13 is International Albinism Awareness Day, a day to celebrate people with albinism and join their fight to end discrimination. Earlier this year, people with albinism from around the world unanimously voted to form a global alliance on albinism…
Josina wearing her new prescription glasses outside her classroom in Chiuta District in Mozambique’s Tete province. Since getting eyeglasses, Josina has been performing better academically, but now schools are closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Continued Discrimination Against Albinism in Mozambique is a Violation of Human Rights

This piece was originally published in The Globe and Mail and references photographs embedded in the original piece. To view these photos, please navigate to the original article via the link above. Three years ago, assailants broke into…
Josina with her niece, Luisa, both 8. “She is my best friend,” said Josina. “She is always asking if I’m ok, she helps me read after school and she looks after me.” 
More than 1100 dead, many others coping with temporary or permanent disabilities, and people still missing. The 24 April 2013 Rana Plaza building collapse – Bangladesh’s worst ever industrial disaster – has left the country reeling and Bangladeshi rights…
Doe-eyed and frail, with a mellow voice and a cheery smile, nothing about Sara (not her real name) suggested she had been through ordeal after ordeal in her 22 years. Forcibly married at 15 to a much older man, she discovered after the marriage that her…
For years now, women’s groups in Southern Africa have campaigned tirelessly to ensure that the Southern African Development Community adopt the Protocol on Gender and Development. Yesterday, the SADC finally took that historic step. Member states will be…
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