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Interview with Reed Brody

Burma’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi has asked the U.N. International Court of Justice to drop the genocide case against Myanmar, formerly Burma. Suu Kyi is a Nobel Peace Prize winner who spent over a decade fighting against the Burmese military,…
A screenshot of Reed Brody interviewing on Democracy Now!
Reed Brody, nicknamed the ‘Dictator Hunter’ has spent the past three decades pursuing dictators for atrocities and seeking justice for their victims. The American human rights lawyer and investigator was involved in the landmark cases against dictators…
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A new treaty to deepen the link between environmental protection and human rights in Latin America and the Caribbean has the potential to reduce the conflicts that lead to the murders of so many environmental defenders in the region. 
Bernardo, a man in his 30s, was born in a quilombo (Afro-Brazilian) community of around 60, men, women, and children in Minas Gerais State, southeast Brazil. Bernardo told Human Rights Watch that he feels powerless against aerial spraying of pesticides. “

Jammeh Implicated in Slew of Abuses During 22-Year Rule

Dear Mr. Brody, I am reaching out to you today as I would like to know what are the options for the victims of [Yahya] Jammeh now that he is no longer president of The Gambia? We just had confirmation today of my father's death, a fierce critic of his…
Victims and Gambian and International activists at a strategy session on October 20, 2017.

Governments Signal Continued Support for Court

The recent decisions by South Africa, Burundi, and Gambia to leave the International Criminal Court (ICC) are generating wide attention and speculation about a mass exodus from the court by African countries.  But think it’s clear where Africa stands on…
Stella Ndirangu of ICJ Kenya
In the past few months, the West African nation of Gambia, not much bigger than Connecticut, has received an unusual amount of international media coverage. After an alleged coup attempt in December against President Yahya Jammeh, several Gambian…
Outside Gambia, President Yahya Jammeh is often the subject of satire. He recently claimed to have found a cure for Ebola. In 2007, he announced his home-grown herbal cure for AIDS.  He also claims to cure hypertension, asthma, epilepsy and infertility. …
Three notorious African leaders -- Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe, Eritrea's Isaias Afewerki, and Sudan's Omar al-Bashir -- are not invited to this week's U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C. But a number of other long-ruling African strongmen, like…

The Commonwealth has developed a 21st-century role – as a haven for serial human rights abusers

What's the point of the Commonwealth? Every two years the question comes around in the run-up to the Commonwealth heads of government meeting. Then everyone goes home and forgets about it until the next one. Starved of cash and political attention, the…