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Gender Equality Act
 B.E. 2558 (2015)
 Given on the 8th day of March B.E. 2558 (2015)
 Being the 70th Year of the Present Reign.
 By royal…

New Government Fails to Pursue Promised Reforms

(New York) – The human rights situation in Thailand deteriorated in 2011 as the government failed to address impunity for human rights abuses by security forces, Human Rights Watch said today in its World Report 2012. The government of Prime Minister…
One year ago Burma conducted tightly controlled elections that transferred power from a ruling military council to a nominally civilian government in which the president and senior government officials are all former generals. In 2011 the new government…

Protection of Migrants’ Rights in 2009

SummaryKey RecommendationsWomen Migrant Domestic WorkersMigrant Construction WorkersRight to HealthDiscriminatory Treatment of MigrantsTreatment of Migrants Crossing Borders2009 Human Rights Watch Reports on Migrants Summary Migrants drowning at sea…

Strengthening the Security Council’s Response to Sexual Violence and Attacks on Education in Armed Conflict

For a full decade, the UN Security Council has addressed the severe abuses that children experience in armed conflict. Its response has included a series of six resolutions (1261, 1314, 1379, 1460, 1539, and 1612), the creation of a specialized working…

Updated July 2008

Burma produces a variety of gems but is most famous for its rubies and jade. The vast majority of high-quality rubies on the world market originate from Burma. Burmese rubies are renowned for their dark "pigeon's blood" color, which makes them more…

International Harm Reduction Association and Human Rights Watch briefing paper

"Countering the world drug problem...requires an integrated and balanced approach and must be carried out in full conformity with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and other provisions of international law and in particular…

Business-Related Recommendations on Burma

Human Rights Watch issued a new report in December 2007 documenting the crackdown on popular protests in Burma that began in August. Hundreds of people remain arbitrarily detained. We recommend targeted financial, trade, and investment sanctions, and…