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Item 6 – 45th session of the UN Human Rights Council

It is disappointing to observe the Turkish government’s refusal, during its UPR, to acknowledge key issues that are at the core of the human rights crisis the country is facing today. If the Turkish government was serious about its engagement with the UPR…

Item 6 Universal Periodic Review

Thank you, Madam President. Human Rights Watch welcomes the adoption of the outcome of the UPR on Iraq, which contained important recommendations to address human rights concerns. We take note of Iraq’s stated commitment to implement these…

Third cycle of the UPR, 31st session

Since 2013, Jordan has passed new legislation to improve the lives of people with disabilities and end impunity for sexual assault. However, Jordanian authorities have also passed new laws that further limit freedom of expression, and freedoms of…
syrian girl with backpack
Human rights conditions in Iraq have steadily deteriorated as security has dramatically declined and sectarian tensions deepened. Thousands of Iraqis started demonstrating in 2011 to demand better services and an end to corruption, but security forces…

Human Rights Watch and JUSTICE Amicus Brief to the UK House of Lords

The British government has sought to deport terrorism or national security suspects in reliance on diplomatic assurances against torture from the men's home governments. In two important cases to be heard in October 2008-RB and U v. Secretary of State…