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Ruling is an Important Victory for Human Rights

Mexico’s Supreme Court reached a landmark ruling last week, overturning a legal provision allowing immigration agents to stop anyone and demand proof of their legal status. The ruling came after years of litigation by human rights groups and could…
A Mexican Marine orders a group of migrants from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan off a bus at an immigration checkpoint

Training Tatmadaw Personnel Risks Complicity in Junta’s Atrocities

During the parliamentary committee session on security on April 26, 2022, Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi revealed that Japan will once again accept Myanmar military personnel for training at Japan’s defense facilities. This is the second time…
Myanmar military officers march during a parade

Greater Action Needed to Ensure Rights of LGBT People are Protected

In a victory for human rights in South Korea, the country’s Supreme Court on April 21 overturned the conviction of two men prosecuted under article 92-6 of the Military Criminal Act, which prohibits same-sex activity between soldiers with possible…

As People Are Expelled to Danger, States Sue to Keep Practice in Place

Following the Biden administration’s recent announcement that it would rescind an abusive Trump-era summary expulsion policy in May, the US states of Arizona, Louisiana, and Missouri this week sued to force the administration to continue turning…

Right to Make Decisions Should Not Turn on ‘Capacity’

For the second time in less than six months, a prominent member of the majority party in the Mexican Senate has introduced a bill to amend the country’s civil law framework with provisions that would further restrict the rights of people with disabilities…
A man seated at a table speaks into a microphone

Activists Demand Visibility, Right to Political Participation

Break down stereotypes – that’s what a group of people with intellectual disabilities in Mexico and a former political candidate from Peru are trying to do. Bryan Russell, who twice ran for Congress in his home country, Peru, before becoming Human…
Collage showing disability rights advocates

Government Should Fund Shelters to Make Them Accessible

Last week, thousands of women in Mexico took to the streets to commemorate International Women’s Day – including many women with disabilities. Seeking to be visible sisters of the movement, they are demanding inclusion in services provided for women,…
A group of women with disabilities hold a sign

Momentum Builds for Legal Recognition of Third Gender

On February 11, Mexico’s Guanajuato state issued Fausto Martínez, a non-binary person originally from Celaya, Guanajuato, a new birth certificate with a third gender. The action marks a significant step in legally recognizing a third gender in Mexico…
Fausto Martínez descends a flight of stairs in Guanajuato, Mexico, February 18, 2022.

Kirin Should Not Sell Stakes to Military-Owned Entities

Japanese beverage giant Kirin Holdings Company is pulling out of Myanmar. The decision, announced on February 14, came after a year of fruitless negotiations with the military-owned Myanmar Economic Holdings Public Company Limited (MEHL) to…
A man walks near an advertisement for a Kirin brand beer in Tokyo, Japan

Senate Should Rewrite Bill Further Depriving Legal Capacity

Since the beginning of the 19th century, Mexico has had in place laws denying people with disabilities the right to make decisions for themselves. Now, the Mexican Senate is considering a bill to create a new civil procedure code that would replicate…
View of the plenary session inside the Senate of the Republic of México on March 22, 2018.

Tokyo Should Build on New Momentum by Condemning Serious Abuses

Just days before the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics opening ceremony, Japanese lawmakers passed a Diet resolution highlighting human rights issues in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia. Specifically, the February 1 resolution calls for the “…

Ruling Highlights Need for Legislative Protections

A court in Seoul, South Korea has rejected a same-sex couple’s bid for spousal health insurance benefits, underscoring the lack of legal protections for same-sex couples in the country. Although South Korea does not recognize same-sex partnerships…
Participants march with a rainbow flag during a gay pride parade in Seoul, South Korea.

Government, Political Parties Should Promote Equal Political Participation

Today the Mexican Senate is holding its first ever hearing for people with disabilities. Bryan Russell, who has run for parliament in his home country of Peru, gave pre-recorded testimony on the need for inclusion of people with disabilities,…
2021 Human Rights Watch Marca Bristo Fellow Bryan Russell campaigning at San Martin Plaza in Lima, Peru

Proposed Law Would Improve Protections for Older People, Many Others

The window is rapidly closing for South Korea’s National Assembly to pass a comprehensive antidiscrimination law that citizens and human rights organizations have long endorsed. Anti-discrimination legislation has been submitted 11 times since 2007…
An elderly woman seated on the floor of an apartment

Recent Digital Sex Crimes Underscore Urgent Need for National Plan

Last week, authorities arrested an elementary school principal in South Korea who had installed a spy camera inside a bathroom used by the school’s female staff members. In October, authorities arrested a group of men who had bribed a motel worker…
A group of women sit holding protest signs that read "My Life Is Not Your Porn"

Revise Regressive Law Compelling Irreversible Surgery

A Japanese transgender man, Gen Suzuki, 46, has filed a court request to have his legal gender recognized as male without undergoing sterilization surgery as prescribed by national law. His case highlights the urgent need for Japan to revise its…
People take part in a rally to support the LGBT legislation in Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan on June 6, 2021.

Hundreds of Thousands Prevented from Returning to Japan

An historic court hearing is set to begin next week in Tokyo as five North Korean escapees in Japan seek compensation for human rights abuses they suffered in North Korea after joining a resettlement program based on the false premise that North Korea…
Escapees from North Korea and their supporters march to the Tokyo District Court to file a lawsuit against the North Korean government for violating their human rights, August 20, 2018. 

Global Magnitsky-Style Act Would Help Curb Rights Abuses Abroad

Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) will hold its party presidential election on September 29. The winner will almost certainly become Japan's next prime minister. Four candidates – two women and two men – are running: the former foreign…
Myanmar residents in Japan stage a protest rally in Tokyo on August 1, 2021. 

Summit Meeting Key Opportunity to Address Vaccine Inequities

Leaders from the “Quad” countries – the United States, Japan, India, and Australia – will hold their first in-person summit in Washington, DC, on September 24, amid a global Covid-19 vaccine shortage crisis and deeply inequitable access to vaccines.…
Activists stand outside Pfizer Headquarters demanding US President Joe Biden support the "TRIPS Waiver" in New York, NY on April 22, 2021.

US Should Encourage Rights-Respecting Immigration Policy

Over the past week, Mexican immigration agents and National Guard members have been deployed to southern Mexico to break up a series of caravans of asylum seekers, including families and children, attempting to head north. Journalists and activists…
Agents of the National Migration Institute detain a migrant during an operation to halt the progress of a caravan of migrants and asylum seekers in Chiapas state, Mexico on September 1, 2021.
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