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Updated in December 2014

(Updates highlighted in bold) Summary In office for three terms since 2002, and enjoying a strong parliamentary majority, the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has demonstrated a growing intolerance of political opposition, public protest, and…

Lifting the Statute of Limitations for Violations of the Right to Life and Torture by Suspected State Perpetrators

Human Rights Watch considers that repealing the statute of limitations for violations of the right to life and torture by suspected state perpetrators and public officials would be an effective means of combatting Turkey’s legacy of impunity for serious…

Protection of Migrants’ Rights in 2009

SummaryKey RecommendationsWomen Migrant Domestic WorkersMigrant Construction WorkersRight to HealthDiscriminatory Treatment of MigrantsTreatment of Migrants Crossing Borders2009 Human Rights Watch Reports on Migrants Summary Migrants drowning at sea…

Human Rights Watch and JUSTICE Amicus Brief to the UK House of Lords

The British government has sought to deport terrorism or national security suspects in reliance on diplomatic assurances against torture from the men's home governments. In two important cases to be heard in October 2008-RB and U v. Secretary of State…

Backgrounder on Repression of the Kurds in Turkey

Approximately one fifth of Turkey's 63 million people are of Kurdish ethnicity. Their traditional homeland is in the mountainous southeastern provinces, though perhaps half of Turkey's Kurds now live in Istanbul and other cities in the west of the country…

Backgrounder on Turkey's State Security Courts

On February 15, 1999, Abdullah Ocalan, leader of the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK), was apprehended in Kenya and transported to Turkey, where he has been held ever since on the prison island of Imrali. Ocalan's trial is scheduled to begin before the Ankara…