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Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution

  Click to expand Image The Israeli settlement of Maale Adumim in the…
An aerial shot of a housing community
Well before the Covid-19 pandemic, Stephen Miller, White House adviser to then-US President Donald Trump, floated the idea of using the government’s public health authority as a means of achieving the administration’s long-pursued goal of closing the…
An asylum seeking family from Guatemala stands on the Paso del Norte international bridge. After border agents turned the family away at the port of entry, the family swam across the Rio Grande.

Questions and Answers

Update: This document has been updated to reflect new sanctions measures taken by the UK government on February 18, 2021. This questions-and-answers document provides detailed information about sanctions and other legal and diplomatic measures that have…
The economic fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic has severely affected tenants and has led to widespread housing insecurity in the United States. Almost all US states acted quickly to protect renters, and by May 2020, 43 states had active eviction…
Tenants’ rights advocates demonstrate in front of the Edward W. Brook Courthouse in Boston

12 Foreign Policy Priorities for the Next Administration

The United States should strive to be a world leader on human rights. Human Rights Watch offers 12 priorities for the next US administration to create a rights-focused foreign policy. The United States has the power, influence, and resources to create…
Le président élu des États-Unis, Joe Biden, s’adressait à des partisans lors d’un rassemblement tenu dans le stade « Heinz Field » à Pittsburgh, en Pennsylvanie, le 2 novembre 2020, à la veille de l’élection.
This Q & A from Human Rights Watch explains what human rights law says about how federal elections are administered in the United States including whether or not the process for certifying election results is aligned with international standards. It…
A man in a beanie and face mask stands in front of a sign that says "Vote Here"
    This Q&A addresses key questions regarding the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the relationship between the court and the United States. 1. What is the International Criminal Court? 2. Is the US a member of the ICC? 3. What fair trial…
ICC permanent premises

Gwen Robinson Interviews Sunai Phasuk, Senior Researcher

Click to expand Image Sunai Phasuk © 2020 Private…
Sunai Phasuk

Questions and Answers on Economic and Social Assistance

The Covid-19 pandemic is likely to have long-lasting consequences on economic and social rights stemming from the direct and indirect effects of the illness, people’s cooperation with prevention efforts, and government transmission control policies.…