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Summary This report, based on interviews with survivors and experts, and a survey, documents the spread and impact in South Korea of what are referred to there as “digital sex crimes.” Digital sex crimes are crimes involving non-consensual intimate…

 Every day I fear for my safety living in this country because of my sexual orientation. I am alive but if anyone ever find out and wanted to find out, they can kill me …I am an easy target for anything.
 —Peter, Dominica,…

 Returned to Risk
 Deportation of HIV-Positive Migrants 
 International Law
 Prohibitions on Deportation: The Principle of
 Additional Human Rights and Humanitarian Protections…
I. Overview The North Korean government has hardened its policy towards
 its citizens it catches crossing the border into China without state
 permission, or whom China has forcibly repatriated. Until around November 2004
 those who crossed…
I. SUMMARY Since the end of thirty years of military dictatorship and the election, nearly three years ago, of the country's first civilian president in three decades, the Republic of Korea is a more open country with a government that pledges respect…
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 Despite the South Korean…