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Reports of Ill-Treatment Show Need for Transparency, Monitoring

 (Paris) – Uzbek authorities should immediately and unconditionally release an Afghan citizen whose 13-year imprisonment and alleged torture in custody have only recently become known, the Association for Human Rights in Central Asia, International…
A guard in a solitary confinement block at an unidentified prison in Uzbekistan. Prisoners in solitary confinement in Uzbekistan’s prisons experience cramped cells without bedding—some in total darkness, others with permanent bright lights

30th session of the UPR; 3rd cycle

This submission highlights Human Rights Watch’s assessment regarding the Uzbek government’s compliance with its international obligations and the recommendations made since the 2013 Universal Periodic Review (UPR).
 Uzbekistan’s president…
A woman picks cotton during the 2015 cotton harvest, which runs from early September to late October or early November annually.

Rights Groups Call on UN to Hold Tashkent Accountable for Arbitrary Detention

(Bishkek) – One of the world’s longest imprisoned peaceful political activists, Murod Juraev, was finally released from a jail in Uzbekistan on November 12, 2015, after 21 unjustified years behind bars, nine human rights groups said today. Juraev, a 63-…

Situations that require the Council's serious concern

In spite of a clear mandate to prevent human rights violations, the Human Rights Council has demonstrated a clear lack of efficiency when fundamental human rights are gradually restricted.
 Bangladesh has been heading down an increasingly…
Members of the Council should mark the 10th anniversary of the Andijan massacre by taking action to address the appalling state of human rights in Uzbekistan. The Uzbek government’s serious, systematic violations and persistent refusal to cooperate with…

Submitted to the UN Human Rights Committee in advance of its Pre-Sessional Review of Uzbekistan

This memorandum provides an overview of Human Rights Watch’s main concerns with respect to the human rights situation in Uzbekistan, submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Committee (“the Committee”) in advance of its pre-sessional review of…

HRC 24th Session: Statement Delivered Under Item 6

Human Rights Watch welcomes the adoption of the outcome of the UPR of Uzbekistan, which reflects many important recommendations from a wide array of governments on long-standing and urgent human rights concerns, including: the continued imprisonment of…

UN Reviews Should Urge Concrete Improvements

(Geneva) – Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan’s highly repressive policies are coming up for rare international scrutiny on April 22 and 24, 2013, Human Rights Watch said today. United Nations member countries gathering at the Human Rights Council in Geneva…

16th UPR Session, April - May 2013

Introduction This submission highlights Human Rights Watch’s assessment regarding the Uzbek government’s compliance with its international obligations and the recommendations made during the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in 2008. The Government of…

Darfur Resolution Provides Basis for Further Action

(Geneva, March 30, 2007) - The UN Human Rights Council closed its fourth regular session today having failed to take action to address many of the world's most urgent human rights situations, Human Rights Watch said today. The council adoption of a…

Rights Supporters Help End Scrutiny of Repressive Regimes

The UN Human Rights Council yesterday turned a blind eye to abuses in two among the world’s most repressive countries when it decided to end its scrutiny of Iran and Uzbekistan, Human Rights Watch said today. “The Human Rights Council decision sends…

Backlog of Work Facing UN Rights Body

(Geneva) – The Human Rights Council, whose fourth session begins on March 12, has a growing backlog of abuses it must address, Human Rights Watch said in a briefing paper released today. “Addressing severe abuses shouldn’t be put on hold while the Human…

Absence of Public Scrutiny Following Andijan Deplorable

The United Nations Human Rights Council yesterday squandered a crucial opportunity to mount a principled response to the Uzbek government’s abusive crackdown on human rights following the massacre of hundreds of unarmed protesters in May 2005, Human…

Visits by Council Experts Remain Blocked

(Geneva) – UN member states must take immediate steps to improve cooperation with the Human Rights Council, particularly with the independent experts it has appointed to look at human rights issues, Human Rights Watch said today. More than 80 states have…

Civilians in Darfur, Sri Lanka Need Protection

(Geneva) – The new U.N. Human Rights Council must take urgent action to address crises from Darfur to Sri Lanka and expand its focus beyond the Middle East, Human Rights Watch said today. The council begins its second regular session today. Thus far the…