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Reports of Ill-Treatment Show Need for Transparency, Monitoring

 (Paris) – Uzbek authorities should immediately and unconditionally release an Afghan citizen whose 13-year imprisonment and alleged torture in custody have only recently become known, the Association for Human Rights in Central Asia, International…
A guard in a solitary confinement block at an unidentified prison in Uzbekistan. Prisoners in solitary confinement in Uzbekistan’s prisons experience cramped cells without bedding—some in total darkness, others with permanent bright lights
Summary Cotton is mandatory for everyone. The government gave the orders [to pick] and you will not go against those orders…. If I refuse, they will fire me…. We would lose the bread we eat. −Uzbek schoolteacher, October 2015, Turtkul, Karakalpakstan…
The World Bank is funding half a billion dollars in agricultural projects linked to forced and child labor in Uzbekistan. Under the loan agreements, the Uzbek government is required to comply with laws prohibiting forced and child labor, and the World…

On Forced Labor in Uzbekistan

November 19, 2015
 Ms. Laura Tuck, Vice President for Sustainable Development
 Mr. Cyrill Muller, Vice President for Europe and Central Asia
 The World Bank
 1818 H St, NW
 Washington, DC 20433

On Forced Labor in Uzbekistan

June 5, 2015   His Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-moon United Nations Secretary-General United Nations Headquarters New York, NY 10017   Dear Mr. Secretary-General: In advance of your upcoming trip to Uzbekistan, we write to request that you use your visit to…

Inspection Panel Should Ensure Funds Not Used for Abuses

(Washington, DC) – The World Bank’s internal watchdog should investigate whether bank projects are contributing to forced labor in Uzbekistan, the Cotton Campaign said today. The Cotton Campaign, a coalition of human rights, labor, investor, and business…
There is an empty seat in a first-grade classroom in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, where 6-year-old Amirbek Rakhmatov should be sitting. He died on September 15, according to Uzbek provincial officials, suffocating under a load of cotton as he slept in a trailer…

HRC 24th Session: Statement Delivered Under Item 6

Human Rights Watch welcomes the adoption of the outcome of the UPR of Uzbekistan, which reflects many important recommendations from a wide array of governments on long-standing and urgent human rights concerns, including: the continued imprisonment of…

Proposed Project Fails to Address Forced, Child Labor

Update: On September 25, the Asian Development Bank’s board approved the $220 million loan for the Modernization and Improved Performance of the Amu Bukhara Irrigation System (ABIS) project in Uzbekistan. This project will benefit the cotton industry.…

UN Reviews Should Urge Concrete Improvements

(Geneva) – Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan’s highly repressive policies are coming up for rare international scrutiny on April 22 and 24, 2013, Human Rights Watch said today. United Nations member countries gathering at the Human Rights Council in Geneva…

More Adults, Older Children Required to Work, Abuses Persist

(Berlin) – Uzbek authorities have increased the use of forced labor by adults and older children in the cotton sector during the past year, Human Rights Watch said today. The move was apparently made to shift the burden away from younger children in…