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UK nationals committed abuses in Iraq after 2003 on a significant scale. The International Criminal Court’s Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) Final Report on the UK and Iraq on December 9 is the latest official report to find that members of UK armed forces…
July 17, the Day of International Criminal Justice, is the anniversary of the Rome Statute, which paved the way for the creation of the International Criminal Court (ICC).
 Anniversaries are often cause for celebration, but the ICC—the world’s…
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 Whose Development?
 Human Rights Abuses in Sierra Leone’s Mining Boom
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 Sierra Leone
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 Government of Sierra Leone
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The British military justice system has shown itself unfit for purpose in handling war crimes committed outside the country

Ten years after the UK joined in the invasion of Iraq, the repercussions continue to hit at the heart of the establishment. This week a law firm and a leading international justice organization jointly sent a 250-page submission to the International…
Strasbourg has ruled that Britain failed to investigate civilian killings in Iraq. This must never happen again. Britain's participation in the invasion and occupation of Iraq continues to make history, in somewhat unexpected ways. Today the European…

European Court Says UK Violated Rights of Iraqis in Killings case

(London) - A European Court of Human Rights ruling on July 7, 2011, in a case involving the killings of Iraqi civilians by UK soldiers, is a landmark judgment in the universal application of human rights, seven UK and international human rights groups…

By increasing business with Sudan, the UK would be rewarding a country whose head of state is still wanted for war crimes

The new UK government has made it clear that an important priority of its foreign policy will be to promote British trade and investment abroad. But recent remarks in Sudan by the Africa minister, Henry Bellingham, raise concerns that, by blindly pursuing…

Without international pressure the victims of Darfur will never see justice and they face even more abuses

Shortly after taking office, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown stood before the United Nations General Assembly and declared the situation in Darfur to be the "greatest humanitarian disaster" facing the world today. He sent a message to Darfur that "it is…