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All Sides Should Ensure Delivery of Aid to Civilians in Rebel-Held Areas

(Berlin) – Travel restrictions imposed by the government of Ukraine have contributed to serious delays in the delivery of humanitarian aid, particularly medicines and medical equipment, to civilians in rebel-controlled areas of eastern Ukraine, Human…

Ensure Delivery of Medical Supplies to Civilians in Rebel-Held Areas

9 March 2015 Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) 01034, Kyiv-34, Volodymyrska St., 35 (044) Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 01008, Kyiv, Grushevskogo str., 12/ Ministry of…

Drug Regulations Will Benefit Tens of Thousands

(Berlin) – Ukraine’s cabinet of ministers’ approval of new regulations on access to pain medicines will dramatically expand healthcare services for patients with incurable illnesses and reduce unnecessary suffering, Human Rights Watch said today.
When I went to college, I chose a highly regarded university with a strong tradition as a Jesuit institution. I was pleased with my undergraduate education at Boston College, but I still lament that my alma mater denies students access to contraceptive…

 Uncontrolled Pain
 Ukraine’s Obligation to Ensure 
 Evidence-Based Palliative Care
 Map of Ukraine
 Prologue: The Story of Vlad Zhukovsky
 Key Recommendations
 I. Overview:…

Ensure Availability of Effective, Inexpensive Medications

(Kiev) - Tens of thousands of patients with advanced cancer in Ukraine unnecessarily suffer from severe pain every year because they cannot get effective, safe, and inexpensive pain medications, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

On Police Harassment of Drug Dependence Patients, Providers, and Organizations

Dear President Yanukovych, We write to express our deep concern regarding ongoing harassment by state prosecutors and law enforcement targeting substance abuse treatment patients, care providers, and HIV organizations throughout Ukraine.  We urge you…

The plight of children in Kenya who fall prey to HIV/Aids

20-month-old Daniel is sitting on his grandmother’s lap in a small house in Nyangoma village, Western Kenya. His body is periodically shaken by a violent cough, and he looks tired and weak. Daniel (not his real name) is HIV-positive and suspected to…

Human Rights Watch's Submission to the Human Rights Council

This submission summarizes Human Rights Watch’s key concerns with Ukraine’s compliance with its international obligations in the context of four areas that have been the focus of Human Rights Watch’s work in recent years – human rights abuses fueling the…
The Ukrainian government’s considerable efforts to combat Europe’s worst HIV/AIDS epidemic are being undermined by its failure to end persistent violence and discrimination against people at highest risk of infection, Human Rights Watch said in a report…

Letter to President Yushchenko Opposing Proposed Drug Reclassification

Dear President Yushchenko: We write to express our deep concern about proposed amendments to Ukraine's drug classification tables, which would revise the standards for criminal possession of illicit drugs to criminalize the possession of very small…
(New York) — Trade ministers at the upcoming WTO summit in Doha, Qatar should abandon threats of sanctions against countries trying to obtain medicines for health emergencies such as HIV/AIDS, Human Rights Watch said today. The WTO summit will take place…