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Respond to Youth Demands, Gain Respect in the World

(Beirut) – Middle East and North Africa (MENA) governments can respond to the popular demands of the region’s youth for reform by implementing five changes in 2018 to arbitrary, outdated legal systems that infringe upon citizens’ rights and liberties,…
Demonstration outside Parliament on December 6, 2016, with women in white dresses and wrapped in bandages, calling for the repeal of article 522 of the penal code.

Says Hostile to Privacy, Democratic Freedoms

This week, the European Union’s top court once again found that blanket data retention mandates are hostile to privacy and democratic freedoms, and incompatible with EU law. Such mandates require service providers to store data on all of the provider’s…
Today Julian Assange, the Wikileaks publisher, begins his third year confined in the Ecuadorean embassy in London. He fled there, receiving political asylum, when Sweden sought his extradition to answer sexual assault allegations. Although both Assange…

Journalists, Union Leader Prosecuted for Criticizing Officials

(Tunis) – Tunisian authorities should quash the detention of a prominent activist and the prosecutions of two journalists for expressing their opinions. They are accused of defaming public officials. On September 9, 2013, an investigative judge ordered…

Worrying Prosecutions Over Free Speech

(Tunis) – President François Hollande of France should raise key human rights concerns in his meetings with Tunisian officials on July 4 and 5, 2013. It is the first trip of a French president to Tunisia since Nicolas Sarkozy visited President Zine el-…


 that Tunisia’s interim governing institutions have adopted laws to

 oversee the election of a constituent assembly, scheduled for October 23, 2011,


Civil Society Strikes Back (With the Help of its Friends)

The official opening of the diplomatic phase of WSIS began with a clarion call from the president of Switzerland (host of the 2003 Geneva phase of the summit) for respect for free expression. Those were fighting words. Tunisian television, broadcasting…
False Freedom Online Censorship in the Middle East and North Africa About this Report Summary Regional Overview.. Recommendations Note on Methodology Legal Standards Pertaining to Online Freedom of Expression Right to Freedom of Expression and Exchange…