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Prompted by a seemingly endless string of stories about suicides by people suffering from cancer pain, the Russian government has finally been pressured into acting - by barring the media from reporting on the issue. The story begins with a February 20…
The discourse about exodus is prominent on Russian social media these days. Well-to-do urban professionals in their thirties and forties are heatedly discussing the need to “get the hell out.” Don’t get me wrong – most aren’t literally packing up their…

Ahead of Paralympics, Millions Face Discrimination

(Moscow) – Millions of people with disabilities in Russiacontinue to face significant barriers to participation in society. In 177 days, Russia will host the March 2014 Winter Paralympic Games in Sochi.
 The 118-page report, “Barriers Everywhere…

Access to Oral Morphine Will Improve End-of-Life Care

(New York) – Ukraine’s recent registration of oral morphine, a strong pain medication used most frequently to treat severe cancer pain, is a major step toward improving end-of-life care, Human Rights Watch said today.
 The registration, on…

Move is an Assault on Freedom of Expression

(Moscow) – The Russian government’s anti-drugs agency has ordered the blocking of the website of a public health organization, the Andrey Rylkov Foundation, for discussing the addiction medicine methadone, human rights groups said today. The move is an…

Protection of Migrants’ Rights in 2009

SummaryKey RecommendationsWomen Migrant Domestic WorkersMigrant Construction WorkersRight to HealthDiscriminatory Treatment of MigrantsTreatment of Migrants Crossing Borders2009 Human Rights Watch Reports on Migrants Summary Migrants drowning at sea…

Deaths, Labor Exploitation, Violence, and Poor Treatment in Detention

(New York) - Many governments' policies toward migrants worldwide expose them to human rights abuses including labor exploitation, inadequate access to health care, and prolonged detention in poor, overcrowded conditions, Human Rights Watch said today in…

Stand up for Persecuted Human Rights Activists; Shut Guantanamo

(New York) - The award of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to US President Barack Obama should encourage him to apply his stated principles to both foreign and domestic human rights policy, Human Rights Watch said today. The Nobel committee awarded the prize…

 Rehabilitation Required
 Human Rights Obligation to Provide Evidence-based Drug Dependence Treatment 
 Summary and Recommendations
 Drug Use and Drug Policy…

Injection Drug Users, Deprived of Best Remedies, Left to Own Devices

Russian health policies are failing to adequately treat drug addiction, compounding the country’s serious illicit drug use and drug dependence problem and further putting drug users at increased risk for other serious diseases, Human Rights Watch said in…
Unconfirmed reports by Russian and foreign media indicate that a former Guantanamo Bay inmate, Ruslan Odizhev, was killed in a police raid this morning in Nalchik, capital of the Russian Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria. Odizhev was on a federal wanted list…
Who would not want to see some silver lining to the case of Andrei Sychyov, the conscript who recently lost both his legs due to vicious beatings inflicted on him by older conscripts? There might be one — but only if this tragedy finally spurs the Russian…

Humanitarian Action Helps Drug users, Street Children

A ground-breaking HIV/AIDS organization, Humanitarian Action Fund, has shown that providing outreach and care to Russia’s most marginalized populations is the best way to stem the tide of HIV/AIDS, Human Rights Watch and the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal…

Growing Trend Defies International Law

Governments in Europe and North America are increasingly sending suspects to abusive states on the basis of flimsy “diplomatic assurances” that expose the detainees to serious risk of torture and ill-treatment, Human Rights Watch said in a new report…
(Geneva) — With a membership that includes governments responsible for crimes against humanity, the U.N. Commission on Human Rights meeting in Geneva next week must take dramatic steps to restore its sinking credibility, Human Rights Watch said today.…

 Inadequate Nutrition and Health Care in the Russian Armed Forces
 Russia's Health Crisis
 Human Rights and the Armed Forces

U.N. Urged to Review Privations of First-Year Conscripts

Conscript soldiers in Russia performing their first year of compulsory military service are routinely denied adequate food and access to medical care, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The average Russian soldier is sick and hungry,”…