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Authorities Restrict Traffic to Twitter for Refusal to Censor Content Online

Click to expand Image A mobile phone user turns on Twitter…
A mobile phone user turns on Twitter application on his smartphone in Moscow, Russia, Wednesday, March 10, 2021.

Withdraw the Indictment and Drop All Charges against Women’s and LGBT Rights Activist

5 March 2021   Igor Viktorovich Krasnov Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Prosecutor General’s Office ul. B.Dmitrovka, d.15a 125993 Moscow GSP- 3 Russian Federation   Dear Prosecutor General, We are writing to express our concern and…
Yulia Tsvetkova, talking about her youth theater project “Pink and Blue”.

Authorities Use Politically Motivated Criminal Prosecutions to Silence Opponents

January 23 marks two years of house arrest for Russian activist Anastasiya Shevchenko. Police raided her apartment in Rostov-on-Don on January 21, 2019, before a court placed her under house arrest two days later. Shevchenko’s daughter has become her…
Anastasiya Shevchenko.