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27 November 2018
 Ms. Federica Mogherini
 HR of the Union for Foreign Affairs and VP of the CommissionEuropean Commission
 Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat 200
 1049 Brussels
 Ms. Karin Kneissl…

Prosecutors Refuse to Investigate Torture Despite Overwhelming Evidence

(New York) - Kyrgyz authorities' refusal to investigate torture allegations in a case to be reviewed by the Supreme Court on March 29, 2011,  constitutes a serious violation of both Kyrgyz and international law, Human Rights Watch said today. Farrukh…

World Leaders Must Push Kyrgyz Government to Protect Refugees

Four Uzbek asylum seekers have disappeared from southern Kyrgyzstan in the past week, raising fears that they were forcibly returned to Uzbekistan, Human Rights Watch said today. “We’re afraid these men have been handed over to Uzbek authorities and that…
Human Rights Watch sent a letter today to Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiev asking him not to extradite five Uzbek refugees who would likely face torture if returned to Uzbekistan. Dear President Bakiev, We are respectfully writing to you to raise an…

Men Face Torture Back Home

Uzbekistan has requested the extradition of five men for their alleged involvement in violent acts during the protest in Andijan in May 2005. Kyrgyz authorities must not return refugees to Uzbekistan where they are at risk of torture, Human Rights Watch…

Regional Group Should Defend Member State Kyrgyzstan From Uzbek Pressure

(New York) - A regional security group of Central Asian countries along with Russia and China, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization should condemn the Andijan massacre committed by government forces of its member state Uzbekistan, Human Rights Watch said…
The Kyrgyz authorities today sent four Uzbek asylum seekers back to Uzbekistan, which they had fled after the May 13 massacre in Andijan, Human Rights Watch said today. Such “forced” returns violate Kyrgyzstan’s obligations under international law. Human…

Refugees Should Be Moved to Safer Location with Humane Conditions

The Kyrgyz government must ensure that Uzbek asylum seekers fleeing the recent government killings in Uzbekistan are not forced to return to their country, where they remain at great risk, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch called on the…
(Washington, DC) - Under President Bush's November 13th Military Order on military commissions, any foreign national designated by the President as a suspected terrorist or as aiding terrorists could potentially be detained, tried, convicted and even…