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Inform Families of Whereabouts; Allow Outside Contact

(Erbil) – Iraqi and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) forces have detained at least 37 men from areas around Mosul and Hawija suspected of being affiliated with the Islamic State (also known as ISIS) since the beginning of the Mosul operation, Human…
Three suspected ISIS members who travelled alongside families escaping areas around Mosul recently retaken from the group are held by KRG’s security forces at a checkpoint east of the city. November 4, 2016.
Using schools for shelter was a natural. When the Islamic State drove waves of people from the Sinjar area of Iraq in early August, most of them members of the Yazidi minority group, they fled first to the mountains and then to the relative safety of…

Security Council Should Impose Sanctions for Targeting Children, Teachers

(New York) – Armed forces and armed groups that attack schools and teachers should face consequences from the United Nations Security Council, the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA) said today. The UN Secretary-General’s annual…
A Face and a Name Civilian Victims of Insurgent Groups in Iraq I. Summary The Victims Insurgent Groups Arguments of Insurgent Groups Violations by U.S. and Iraqi Government Forces Methodology II. Recommendations III. Insurgent Groups in Iraq Attacks on…

Report Challenges Justifications for Attacks on Civilians

The various rationales offered by insurgent groups in Iraq for their attacks on civilians are not justified in international law, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The 140-page report, A Face and a Name: Civilian Victims of Insurgent…
 Response: The U.S. Army
 in al-Falluja Table of Contents I. Summary
 and Introduction Methodology II.
 Recommendations Investigation Use of Force III.
 Background: The Entry of U.S. Forces in al-Falluja IV. April 28
With major military operations continuing in al-Falluja, U.S. authorities should investigate the apparent use of excessive force against Iraqi protesters there on April 28 and 30, Human Rights Watch urged in a new report released today. The 18-page report…