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For the nightmare of Beslan never to be repeated, its lessons must be learned

Click to expand Image School #1 in Beslan, North Ossetia. 2004…
School #1 in Beslan, North Ossetia. 2004.

Evidence Contradicts Russian Denial

(Beirut) – Analysis of satellite imagery provides additional verification that damage to a school complex in the village of Haas in Idlib on October 26, 2016, was caused by airstrikes carried out by the joint Russian-Syrian military operation in Syria,…
2016-11-crd-syria-haas-satellite #1 EN
H.E. Sergei K. Shoigu
 Minister of Defense
 Ministry of Defense
 19 Znamenka st.
 119160, Moscow
 cc. H.E. Sergey V. Lavrov
 Minister of Foreign Affairs
 Ministry of…

39th Reported Attack on Schools in Syria This Year

(New York) – Airstrikes by the joint Russian-Syrian military operation that killed dozens of civilians, mostly schoolchildren, in the northern, opposition-controlled Syrian governorate of Idlib on October 26, 2016, could constitute a war crime, Human…
A man carries what appears to be a remnant of the parachute system of one of the bombs used in the attack on a school complex in al-Hass on October 26.
Map of South Ossetia Click to expand Image Executive Summary Overview The armed…

Out of respect for the victims of the tragedy, their relatives and the national, two-day period of mourning, the release of this statement was delayed until 8 September.

A coalition of Russian and international human rights organizations united today to condemn in the strongest terms the taking hostage and killing of hundreds of children, parents and teachers by a group of armed men and women in a school in the city of…
Today’s attack on a school in Russia, apparently by Chechen rebels, is a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law, Human Rights Watch said today. A group of masked men and women took about 300 school children, their parents and teachers…