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Human Rights Watch's Submission to the Human Rights Council

This submission will focus only on Human Rights Watch’s key concerns regarding Romania’s compliance with international human rights law in its treatment of children and youth living with HIV. It draws on research and recommendations presented in greater…
"Life Doesn't Wait" Romania's Failure to Protect and Support Children and
 Youth Living with HIV Glossary I. Summary Methods II. Key Recommendations To the Government of
 Romania To the European Union To Other International
 Donors III.…

Subjected to Abuse, Thousands Are Ill-Prepared to Enter Adulthood

Thousands of Romanian children and youth living with HIV face widespread discrimination that keeps many of them from attending school, obtaining necessary medical care, working, or even learning about their medical condition, Human Rights Watch said in a…
Shortly after Nicolar Ceauscu was overthrown on December 22, 1989, the world was exposed for the first time to the shocking images of Romania's orphans, expecially its handicapped children and babies with AIDS. These children, numbering over 100,000, live…