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(Berlin) – Egypt’s first law addressing irregular migration is a positive step toward shielding asylum seekers and migrants from criminal responsibility but fails to affirm important refugee rights, Human Rights Watch said today.
 The new law imposes…
A group of migrants held by Egyptian armed forces at a port in Egypt*, in June 2016.

Halt Summary Returns, Beatings, Robbery of Asylum Seekers

Click to expand Image Bulgarian border police stand near a barbed…

Amid an influx of Iraqis and Syrians into Europe, the West is neglecting another group of refugees also in desperate need of help.

 TOVARNIK, Croatia — Rajab Ali, a 16-year-old Hazara boy from Afghanistan’s Bamyan province, was silently weeping when we found him standing at the last remaining opening in the 12-foot-high razor-wire border fence Hungary has constructed on its…
Afghan Refugees

EU Should Press Sofia to Investigate, Provide Protection

(Brussels) – Bulgarian border police have in the past month forced Syrian asylum seekers back to Turkey and beaten some of them, Human Rights Watch said today based on accounts by victims.   Human Rights Watch documented three separate incidents of…

Calls for Europe to Help Fund Mare Nostrum Have Been Largely Ignored

The Italian Navy’s twitter feed contained joyous news last week: a pregnant mother among the 90 people rescued from the sea by a Navy frigate had given birth on board to a little girl, Yambambi. Over that weekend more than 1,600 people were rescued. While…
My twitter feed on Monday was full of the latest tragedy in the Mediterranean. At least 17 people died when an overcrowded boat sank on the crossing from Libya to Italy, with many more still unaccounted for. We don’t know their names or their stories.…

 Containment Plan
 Bulgaria’s Pushbacks and Detention

 of Syrian and Other

 Seekers and Migrants
 A Pushback

 “I Wanted to Lie Down and Die”
 Trafficking and Torture of Eritreans in Sudan and Egypt
 To the
 Government of Egypt

Rescue People Held for Ransom From Sinai Hideouts, Prosecute Captors

(New York) - Egyptian authorities should rescue migrants held for ransom and abused by human traffickers in the Sinai desert, Human Rights Watch said today. The government has neither prosecuted the traffickers nor closed down their detention sites,…

Highlights Urgency for Cairo to End Abuses Against Refugees and Asylum Seekers

(Geneva) - Egypt, the new chair of the UN refugee agency's governing body, should immediately end its policy of shooting foreign nationals trying to cross from Egypt into Israel, Human Rights Watch said today in a letter to the Egyptian authorities. Egypt…
(New York) - The Egyptian authorities should immediately cease deportation proceedings against two refugees from Darfur, Human Rights Watch said today. Egyptian authorities are preparing to deport Mohammad Adam Abdallah and Ishaq Fadl Ahmad Dafa Allah…

Deaths, Labor Exploitation, Violence, and Poor Treatment in Detention

(New York) - Many governments' policies toward migrants worldwide expose them to human rights abuses including labor exploitation, inadequate access to health care, and prolonged detention in poor, overcrowded conditions, Human Rights Watch said today in…

Avoid Complicity in Serious Egyptian Violations

(Jerusalem) - Israel's High Court should order an end to the government's policy of forcibly returning to Egypt migrants who enter Israel at the Sinai border without giving them an opportunity to claim asylum, Human Rights Watch said today. Egypt has…

Israel Should Stop Returning Migrants to Egypt Without Allowing Asylum Claims

(New York) - Egyptian authorities should bring an immediate end to the unlawful killings of migrants and asylum seekers near Egypt's Sinai border with Israel, Human Rights Watch said today. According to news reports, Egyptian border guards shot and killed…

But US Needs Stronger Message for Repressive Regional Allies

(Cairo) – President Barack Obama’s much-anticipated June 4, 2009, speech to the Muslim world avoided confronting authoritarian governments directly, but sent a welcome message that Washington would not let the prospect of empowering Islamist parties deter…

Allow UNHCR Access to Detained Migrants

(New York) Egypt should under no circumstances deport Eritrean asylum seekers now in detention without first allowing the UN refugee agency access to assess their refugee claims, Human Rights Watch said today. Egyptian authorities are currently…

 Sinai Perils
 Risks to Migrants, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers in Egypt
 and Israel
 I. Summary
 II. Recommendations
 III. Background: Egypt's and
 Israel's Refugee and Asylum Seeker Populations

Unknown Fate Awaits Sudanese Fleeing From Darfur

Israel should stop summarily expelling Sudanese nationals who enter the country illegally from Egypt and reinstate its policy of allowing them to remain in Israel pending refugee status determination, Human Rights Watch said today. Egypt’s official…
Human Rights Watch played a key role in helping to stop the deportation of hundreds of Sudanese demonstrators who were violently removed from their Cairo encampment by Egyptian police. Approximately 3,000 Sudanese refugees and migrants lived in a…