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Summary This is what I have to say about the wounds on the body of the said accused. Since he was a hard core criminal, he refused to give any information. It was essential to get that information from him, that’s why [the police] used the “truth…
Punitive measures against girls forced into child marriages should not find a place in government policies, programmes and practices. Child brides are not criminals. They cannot be compared to children accused of committing crimes. Anyone who hears a…

 Dignity on Trial
 India’s Need for Sound Standards for Conducting and
 Interpreting Forensic Examinations of Rape Survivors
 I. Summary and Recommendations
 The Finger Test
 II. Methodology
(Geneva) – The United Nations should appoint a high-level expert to monitor the impact of counter-terrorist measures on human rights, Human Rights Watch urged today. In a new report released at the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, Human Rights Watch…
(New York) -- Human Rights Watch today reiterated its call to the U.S. government to respect the fundamental rights of individuals detained in connection with investigations into the September 11 attacks. Most of those detained are from the Middle East…