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Provide Essential Medical Supplies; Urge India to Free Rights Defenders, Address Abuses

Click to expand Image People suffering from breathing issues receive…
People suffering from breathing problems receive free oxygen support at a gurdwara, a place of assembly and worship for Sikhs, amidst the spread of the coronavirus disease, in Delhi, India.
Summary This is what I have to say about the wounds on the body of the said accused. Since he was a hard core criminal, he refused to give any information. It was essential to get that information from him, that’s why [the police] used the “truth…
When I went to college, I chose a highly regarded university with a strong tradition as a Jesuit institution. I was pleased with my undergraduate education at Boston College, but I still lament that my alma mater denies students access to contraceptive…

Vote Online for Human Rights Watch and Magnum

(New York) - A video telling the story of Kiran Yadav, an Indian woman who died needlessly in childbirth, has been nominated for a prestigious Webby award, Human Rights Watch said today. The video, produced by Human Rights Watch with award-winning Magnum…

Inaction Perpetuates Unnecessary Suffering

(Tiruchirapalli) - India's government should act urgently to ensure access to pain medications, Human Rights Watch said ahead of a national conference on palliative care in Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu.
 Hundreds of thousands of Indian patients…
A vibrant democracy with raging debates about health care. A country that prides itself on pioneering medical treatment but continues to see shocking disparities between the wealthy, who can afford expensive, quality care, and the poor, whose access to…

 Unbearable Pain
 India’s Obligation to Ensure Palliative Care
 Map 1:
 States in which Human Rights Watch conducted field research on palliative care
 A Brief

Government Inaction, Restrictive Regulations Condemn Hundreds of Thousands to Unbearable Suffering

(New Delhi) - Hundreds of thousands of patients in India unnecessarily experience excruciating pain, Human Rights Watch said in a report today. Restrictive drug regulations, lack of training for health care workers, and poorly integrated care result in…
I gave birth in the developing world, in South Africa, to be precise. South Africa was in the spotlight recently when a government-commissioned report showed a 20 per cent increase in the number of deaths from pregnancy-related causes between 2005 and…

The plight of children in Kenya who fall prey to HIV/Aids

20-month-old Daniel is sitting on his grandmother’s lap in a small house in Nyangoma village, Western Kenya. His body is periodically shaken by a violent cough, and he looks tired and weak. Daniel (not his real name) is HIV-positive and suspected to…

Meena Seshu Fights to Stem Escalating Epidemic in India

(New York) — On November 13, Human Rights Watch will give its highest recognition to Meena Saraswathi Seshu, an activist whose courageous work in southern India has helped women in prostitution and others at high risk of HIV/AIDS to combat abuse and…
BOMBAY If the international conference on AIDS in Barcelona this week wants to see how a country can spread AIDS from "high-risk groups" into the general population, it should look at the recipe in India. The first ingredient: Be sure that sex workers,…
(New York) — Trade ministers at the upcoming WTO summit in Doha, Qatar should abandon threats of sanctions against countries trying to obtain medicines for health emergencies such as HIV/AIDS, Human Rights Watch said today. The WTO summit will take place…
(New York) - In a report released today, Human Rights Watch, the New York-based human rights organization, charged that women and girls trafficked from Nepal into India for the purpose of prostitution are kept in conditions tantamount to slavery. Held in…