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Government, Chinese State-Owned Subsidiaries Make Uneven Progress

(Johannesburg) – Workers in the copper mining sector in Zambia remain vulnerable to abuse. New Human Rights Watch research found that the government of President Michael Sata, who promised to prioritize labor rights when he took office in September 2011,…
When I went to college, I chose a highly regarded university with a strong tradition as a Jesuit institution. I was pleased with my undergraduate education at Boston College, but I still lament that my alma mater denies students access to contraceptive…

 Testing Practices
 Access to Information
 Access to Medical Treatment
 Intimidation by Police and Government
 Remediation and Long-Term Solutions
 Occupational Health
In September, Premier Wen Jiabao attended a UN Aids sponsored summit on HIV/Aids. "We cannot turn a deaf ear to the call of life," he said, while announcing a China-Africa strategic partnership on health and development.
 Today, on World Aids…
"[H]e started to whip me on my back with twisted electrical wire," said Kakada, recalling his detention in a so-called "youth rehabilitation center" in Cambodia. "I was in such pain. Sometimes I cry alone, after the beating, because it was so painful. I…

Local officials often prioritize economic gain at the expense of public health

At the end of March, a Chinese newspaper reported that four children died and many more fell ill in Shanxi province after receiving vaccines that were not properly stored. The heat-sensitive vaccines had been taken out of air-conditioned rooms because…
Just before Human Rights Watch released our report on human rights violations in Chinese drug detention centers on January 7, the Chinese Ministries of Health and Public Security ordered detention centers and jails to improve medical care.

 “Where Darkness Knows No Limits”
 Incarceration, Ill-Treatment and Forced Labor as Drug
 Rehabilitation in China
 I. Recommendations
 To Chinese Government Ministries of Public Security,
 Justice, Interior, and…

Protection of Migrants’ Rights in 2009

SummaryKey RecommendationsWomen Migrant Domestic WorkersMigrant Construction WorkersRight to HealthDiscriminatory Treatment of MigrantsTreatment of Migrants Crossing Borders2009 Human Rights Watch Reports on Migrants Summary Migrants drowning at sea…

Deaths, Labor Exploitation, Violence, and Poor Treatment in Detention

(New York) - Many governments' policies toward migrants worldwide expose them to human rights abuses including labor exploitation, inadequate access to health care, and prolonged detention in poor, overcrowded conditions, Human Rights Watch said today in…

The plight of children in Kenya who fall prey to HIV/Aids

20-month-old Daniel is sitting on his grandmother’s lap in a small house in Nyangoma village, Western Kenya. His body is periodically shaken by a violent cough, and he looks tired and weak. Daniel (not his real name) is HIV-positive and suspected to…

Re: Fourth Periodic Report of China, 41st session of the Committee against Torture

Human Rights Watch, Asia Catalyst and the International Harm Reduction Associate write in advance of the upcoming Committee against Torture periodic review of China to submit information regarding the government’s policies and practices on coercive drug…

Builders of the ‘New Beijing’ Cheated of Wages, Denied Essential Services

(New York) - Migrant construction workers building the “new Beijing” are routinely exploited by being denied proper wages, under dangerous conditions with neither accident insurance nor access to medical and other social services, Human Rights Watch said…

 I. Summary
 That money is one
 year of my blood, how can you not give it to me?
             -Beijing-based migrant
 construction worker [1]
 Beijing, the capital of the
 People's Republic of China,
 is undergoing an…

Conference Must Promote Rights-Based Response to HIV Pandemic

(Toronto) – Ongoing rights abuses are undermining efforts to fight the HIV pandemic and threatening the few, hard-won successes, Human Rights Watch said today, a month before the XVI International AIDS Conference opens in Toronto. "Twenty-five years into…

National People’s Congress Must Hear Victims’ Stories

(New York) - By imposing house arrest on potential petitioners to the National People’s Congress, the Chinese authorities are preventing people living with HIV/AIDS from seeking redress for a government blood sales scheme that left hundreds of thousands…
Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen, known for his work on poverty and hunger, has written that the best policy to prevent famine is a free press. Exposing the truth is more than half the battle when it comes to averting famine. In many ways, the…