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Scattered across Cambodia are eight "drug treatment" centres. Each holds between 40 and 400 people whom the government claims are receiving treatment and rehabilitation for drug dependency. But don't be fooled. These centres are often surrounded by high…
(Bangkok, December 9, 2013) – Cambodian authorities unlawfully detain hundreds of drug users and others deemed “undesirable” in centers where they face torture, sexual violence, and forced labor. Human Rights Watch called for the immediate closure of the…

 “They Treat Us

 Like Animals”
 Mistreatment of Drug Users and “Undesirables”

 in Cambodia’s Drug Detention Centers
 Map 1:

 Closed Drug Detention Centers and the Planned National Center…

UN Expert Says Donors Should Stop Funding Drug Detention Centers

(Geneva) –A United Nations report about torture and other abuses in healthcare settings points to the need for donors to withdraw funds to compulsory drug detention centers, Human Rights Watch and Harm Reduction International said today. The report was…

UN, Donors Should Push for Immediate Closure and Community-Based Services

(New York) – Hundreds of thousands of people identified as drug users in China and across Southeast Asia are held without due process in centers where they may be subjected to torture, and physical and sexual violence in the name of “treatment,” Human…

Oral statement on restriction of freedom of expression

Over the years, Human Rights Watch has documented a tightening of space for civil society, freedom of speech, and peaceful political opposition; that trend has accelerated in recent months. The decision four days ago, on September 24, to sentence in…
At the end of January, Human Rights Watch released a report on abuses throughout Cambodia's system of drug detention centres. Our report detailed terrible abuses and sadistic violence. The adults and children we interviewed told us of being beaten,…
They had been beaten, whipped, shocked with electric batons and even raped. Food was scarce and forced labor common. Cambodians who have spent time in the country's drug detention centers described these outrageous abuses and horrible conditions, and more…

Respect Rights and Expand Voluntary, Community-Based Treatment

People who use drugs in Cambodia are at risk of arbitrary detention in centers where they suffer torture, physical and sexual violence, and other forms of cruel punishment, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Detention centers, mandated…

 “Skin on the Cable”
 The Illegal Arrest, Arbitrary
 Detention and Torture of People Who Use Drugs in Cambodia
 Glossary of
 Map of
 Cambodian Detention Centers
 I. Executive

So-called rehabilitation centres in Cambodia and elsewhere in Asia are in reality prisons where harsh and ineffective measures are used to break the hold of drugs

The glossy brochure from Cambodia's national drugs authority is reassuring. Drug use causes social instability and blocks national development, it explains, but the ultimate solution is to encourage people who use drugs to seek support. Friends and family…