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Government Should Sign Safe Schools Declaration

Last week, Burma became the 107th country to sign the Paris Principles on Children Associated with Armed Forces or Armed Groups – a set of guidelines to protect children from being recruited as soldiers. As a country where the unlawful recruitment of…
A boy runs as he exits his school in Yangon, November 6, 2013.
Burma took a giant leap backward two weeks ago when it arrested more than 100 students, Buddhist monks, and villagers after a brutal police baton charge that ended days of peaceful protest in the town of Letpadan, north of Rangoon. This week it compounded…

Strengthening the Security Council’s Response to Sexual Violence and Attacks on Education in Armed Conflict

For a full decade, the UN Security Council has addressed the severe abuses that children experience in armed conflict. Its response has included a series of six resolutions (1261, 1314, 1379, 1460, 1539, and 1612), the creation of a specialized working…