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Release Details on Weapons, Material Sold to Coalition Members

(Sydney) – The Australian government should immediately halt military sales to Saudi Arabia following numerous unlawful Saudi-led coalition airstrikes in Yemen, Human Rights Watch said today in a letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Australia should…
The remains of a community hall in Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, after Saudi-led coalition warplanes attacked a funeral ceremony there on October 8, 2016.

Abuse of Detained Teenagers Caught on Camera by ABC’s Four Corners Program

Teargassing, hooding, shackling, stripping. Twenty-three hours a day solitary confinement in a hot dark cell. When a 17-year-old threatens to hurt himself, guards hood him, strap him to a chair and leave him alone for two hours. This is not how anyone…
A still from the Australian Broadcasting Company’s program Four Corners, showing 17-year-old Dylan Voller strapped into a mechanical restraint chair in March 2015, Northern Territory, Australia.

Providing suitable care for young offenders is an area where Malcolm Turnbull could show real leadership.

For Australia to begin to regain the moral authority it once had on human rights, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has his work cut out for him. A new report from the Northern Territory's children's commissioner is a stark reminder to add juvenile…

Clear Policies Needed to Prevent Use, Transfer, Stockpiling

(Washington, DC) – Australia’s ratification of the international convention banning cluster bombs can finally proceed following the Senate’s approval on August 21, 2012, but its flawed implementing legislation contains provisions inconsistent with the…
The Australian Senate has a chance to avoid an embarrassing double standard in its approach to international law. But it needs to decide: does it want to ban cluster munitions or not? Is it willing to stand by its signed commitment to eliminate these…