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A new treaty to deepen the link between environmental protection and human rights in Latin America and the Caribbean has the potential to reduce the conflicts that lead to the murders of so many environmental defenders in the region. 
Bernardo, a man in his 30s, was born in a quilombo (Afro-Brazilian) community of around 60, men, women, and children in Minas Gerais State, southeast Brazil. Bernardo told Human Rights Watch that he feels powerless against aerial spraying of pesticides. “

Repeal Discriminatory Laws

(Georgetown) - Guyana should halt arrests and police abuse of transgender people and repeal a repressive law that criminalizes wearing clothes considered appropriate only for the opposite sex, six human rights organizations said today in a letter to…
His Excellency Bharrat JagdeoPresident of the Republic of Guyana Office of the President New Garden Street and Vlissengen Road, Bourda, Georgetown, Guyana Dear President Jagdeo: We write  on behalf of the Guyanese, Caribbean, and international human…

Visits by Council Experts Remain Blocked

(Geneva) – UN member states must take immediate steps to improve cooperation with the Human Rights Council, particularly with the independent experts it has appointed to look at human rights issues, Human Rights Watch said today. More than 80 states have…
We are writing to express our profound regret that your government plans to withdraw from the First Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).
In the 24 years since independence, massive, systematic electoral fraud has denied the Guyanese people their right to freely elect their government. Unable to express themselves politically in free and fair elections and constricted by the repressive…