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Halt Summary Returns, Beatings, Robbery of Asylum Seekers

Click to expand Image Bulgarian border police stand near a barbed…

Amid an influx of Iraqis and Syrians into Europe, the West is neglecting another group of refugees also in desperate need of help.

 TOVARNIK, Croatia — Rajab Ali, a 16-year-old Hazara boy from Afghanistan’s Bamyan province, was silently weeping when we found him standing at the last remaining opening in the 12-foot-high razor-wire border fence Hungary has constructed on its…
Afghan Refugees
With incidents of xenophobic violence more frequent these days, does South Africa’s ruling party really think refugee camps are the answer? It's hard to say exactly how many immigrants there are in South Africa; estimates range from 2-5 million, out of a…

EU Should Press Sofia to Investigate, Provide Protection

(Brussels) – Bulgarian border police have in the past month forced Syrian asylum seekers back to Turkey and beaten some of them, Human Rights Watch said today based on accounts by victims.   Human Rights Watch documented three separate incidents of…

Calls for Europe to Help Fund Mare Nostrum Have Been Largely Ignored

The Italian Navy’s twitter feed contained joyous news last week: a pregnant mother among the 90 people rescued from the sea by a Navy frigate had given birth on board to a little girl, Yambambi. Over that weekend more than 1,600 people were rescued. While…
My twitter feed on Monday was full of the latest tragedy in the Mediterranean. At least 17 people died when an overcrowded boat sank on the crossing from Libya to Italy, with many more still unaccounted for. We don’t know their names or their stories.…

 Containment Plan
 Bulgaria’s Pushbacks and Detention

 of Syrian and Other

 Seekers and Migrants
 A Pushback
South Africa's tourism website describes the country as the "land of good times and friendly people". Sadly, Araya Y, a pregnant Somali refugee living in Port Elizabeth, did not experience this side of the country. Instead, when she went to a government…

Protection of Migrants’ Rights in 2009

SummaryKey RecommendationsWomen Migrant Domestic WorkersMigrant Construction WorkersRight to HealthDiscriminatory Treatment of MigrantsTreatment of Migrants Crossing Borders2009 Human Rights Watch Reports on Migrants Summary Migrants drowning at sea…

Deaths, Labor Exploitation, Violence, and Poor Treatment in Detention

(New York) - Many governments' policies toward migrants worldwide expose them to human rights abuses including labor exploitation, inadequate access to health care, and prolonged detention in poor, overcrowded conditions, Human Rights Watch said today in…

Xenophobic Violence, Discrimination Imperil Immigrant Health

(Johannesburg) - South African health care professionals are endangering the health of the country's large foreign population by routinely denying health care and treatment to thousands of asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants, Human Rights Watch said in…

Need to Ensure Continuity of Treatment and Care Across Borders

(London) - National governments, in cooperation with international agencies and donors, should reconsider deportation policies for people living with HIV/AIDS, four HIV/AIDS and human rights groups said in a report released today. The 27-page report, "…
Many Zimbabweans fleeing to South Africa since 2005 – possibly numbering tens of thousands – have escaped persecution. They are refugees, although South Africa’s dysfunctional asylum system has yet to recognize them as such. Three years ago, Mugabe’s…

 Neighbors In Need 
 Zimbabweans Seeking Refuge in South Africa
 I. Summary
 II. Methodology
 III. Recommendations
 To the Government of South Africa
 To UNHCR in South Africa
 To international donors

Government Must Provide Better Protection and Assistance

(Johannesburg, November 17, 2005) - Asylum seekers and refugees in Johannesburg often face harassment, mistreatment and extortion by the police, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The South African government must provide better…

 Living on the
 protection for refugees and asylum seekers in Johannesburg
 II. Recommendations
 To the government of South Africa
 To the United Nations High Commissioner for…