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 Hostages of the Gatekeepers
 Abuses against Internally Displaced in Mogadishu, Somalia
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 Districts of Mogadishu
 To the…
When I went to college, I chose a highly regarded university with a strong tradition as a Jesuit institution. I was pleased with my undergraduate education at Boston College, but I still lament that my alma mater denies students access to contraceptive…
Your Excellency, In advance of the 15th African Union Summit, scheduled for July 19-27, 2010 in Kampala, we are writing to draw your attention to a few of Africa's most pressing human rights concerns and to provide input into some of the discussions…

The plight of children in Kenya who fall prey to HIV/Aids

20-month-old Daniel is sitting on his grandmother’s lap in a small house in Nyangoma village, Western Kenya. His body is periodically shaken by a violent cough, and he looks tired and weak. Daniel (not his real name) is HIV-positive and suspected to…
"They broke into the house and I panicked and ran and took shelter under the bed," said 15-year-old Malka (not her real name), describing the day the Somali Transitional Government forces came to her house. "I came out from under the bed and tried to…

Protect Medical Facilities and Aid Workers

(New York) - Ethiopian troops and insurgents have violated the laws of war in killing and wounding dozens of civilians in new clashes in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, Human Rights Watch said today. Tens of thousands of civilians remain trapped in the city…
(New York) — Trade ministers at the upcoming WTO summit in Doha, Qatar should abandon threats of sanctions against countries trying to obtain medicines for health emergencies such as HIV/AIDS, Human Rights Watch said today. The WTO summit will take place…