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Military Use Risks Students Lives, Safety, Education

(New York) – The use of schools and other education institutions for military purposes by armed forces and non-state armed groups during wartime endangers students and their education around the world, said the Global Coalition to Protect Education from…
Like many of the Somali youth I interviewed in Kenya, “Xarid M.” had braved the streets of Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, for as long as he could to go to school. But that all changed the day the Islamist insurgent group al-Shabaab brought the war to his…

Al-Shabaab Rebels Impose Forced Marriages, use Students as ‘Human Shields’

(London) – Somalia’s warring parties have all failed to protect Somali children from the fighting or serving in their forces, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The Islamist insurgent group al-Shabaab has increasingly targeted children…

 No Place for Children
 Child Recruitment, Forced Marriage, and Attacks on Schools

 in Somalia
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Strengthening the Security Council’s Response to Sexual Violence and Attacks on Education in Armed Conflict

For a full decade, the UN Security Council has addressed the severe abuses that children experience in armed conflict. Its response has included a series of six resolutions (1261, 1314, 1379, 1460, 1539, and 1612), the creation of a specialized working…
"So Much to Fear" War Crimes and the Devastation of Somalia Map of Somalia Map of Mogadishu Summary Recommendations To the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia To the Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia To Al-Shabaab and other Insurgent…