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Guinean and International Organizations Call for Trial to Take Place Without Delay

(Conakry) – No one has yet been tried for Guinea’s stadium massacre of September 28, in which at least 156 opposition supporters were killed and more than a hundred women were raped, five human rights organizations said today. The organizations are the…

Major Step Toward Justice for Stadium Protest Victims

(Nairobi, November 10, 2017) – The panel of Guinean judges investigating the September 28, 2009 massacre of more than 150 protesters and rape of 100 women by the security forces during a peaceful protest concluded their investigation on November 9 2017,…

Victims of Stadium Crimes Awaiting Trial

(Conakry) – Guinea should move ahead to deliver justice, truth, and reparation for the grave crimes committed on September 28, 2009, at a Conakry stadium, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and the Association of Victims, Parents and Friends of…

Step Forward for Much Needed Accountability

The arrest of a man charged with crimes committed in a horrendous massacre in Guinea brought justice an important step closer for one of the single worst incidents during decades of abusive, authoritarian rule that ended in 2010.
Seeking justice for the ongoing grave human rights abuses in Syria has proven largely elusive. Now the shield of impunity is beginning to crack.
 Several countries, including Sweden, Germany, and France are in the process of investigating some…
Syrian Man Carries Children After Barrel Bomb Attack

Refugee Crisis and Universal Jurisdiction Cases in Europe

What’s the basis for European courts to try atrocities committed in Syria and Iraq? What is universal jurisdiction? Does universal jurisdiction mean that every country can investigate any grave international crime committed in Syria and Iraq? What…
Syrian Man Carries Children After Barrel Bomb Attack

Mark Anniversary by Reaffirming Judicial Reform Commitment

(Conakry) – Guinea’s political leaders should put ending impunity and completing reform of the country’s judicial system at the center of their priorities, six international and national human rights groups said today, ahead of the sixth anniversary of…
 Opposition supporters flee Conakry’s main stadium on September 28, 2009, after security forces stormed and opened fire on rally participants.

Major Step by Guinean Judiciary to Advance Justice

(Dakar) – Guinea’s domestic panel of judges investigating the 2009 stadium massacre and rapes took a major step on July 8, 2015, by charging former self-proclaimed President Captain Moussa Dadis Camara, Human Rights Watch said today.
 On September 28…

Let Anniversary Be the Last Before Justice is Achieved

(Conakry) – The fifth anniversary on September 28, 2014, of the Conakry stadium massacre should be the last before justice is done, seven Guinean and international organizations, in unity with the victims, said today. More than 150 people were killed,…

On 4th Anniversary, Investigation Needs More Support

(Johannesburg, September 27, 2013) – Those responsible for the 2009 stadium massacre, rapes, and other abuses by security forces in Guinea have yet to be brought to account four years after the crimes were committed, Human Rights Watch said today. A…

Place the Accused on Leave from Government; Protect Judges, Victims

(Nairobi) – Guinea’s domestic panel of judges investigating the country’s 2009 stadium massacre and rapes has taken a significant step in charging a high-level suspect, who is expected to be questioned by the judges on July 4. Given the potential for…
On June 27, investigative judges overseeing the investigation into the September 2009 killing and rape of opposition members, charged Lieutenant-Colonel Claude Pivi for his role in the crimes. The charges against Pivi, the minister for presidential…

 Waiting for Justice
 Accountability before Guinea’s Courts for the

 September 28, 2009 Stadium Massacre, Rapes, and Other Abuses 
 Important Steps
 Undermining Factors