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Poor Record of Coalition and Houthi Indiscriminate Attacks and Aid Restrictions

Click to expand Image Imports sit destroyed in a damaged…
Imports sit destroyed in a damaged warehouse at the port in Hodeida city, Yemen. © November 2016 Kristine Beckerle / Human Rights Watch
In July, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said that “promoting human rights is an essential aim of the foreign policy of a Global Britain. To do otherwise would be unthinkable”. 
 Yemen – site of the world’s largest humanitarian crisis and an…
Saudi-led coalition aircraft struck three apartment buildings in Sanaa on August 25, 2017, killing at least 16 civilians, including seven children, and wounding another 17, including eight children. After an international outcry, the coalition admitted to
The British government’s concern for the safety and well-being of the Yemeni people – already extremely feeble – reached a new low this week. In Geneva, Britain failed to actively promote a Dutch resolution at the United Nations Human Rights Council that…
Damaged buildings in Yemen's southern port city of Aden, May 8, 2015.

 With the rapid development and proliferation of robotic

 weapons, machines are starting to take the place of humans on the battlefield.

 Some military and robotics experts have…
Dear Prime Minister, I am writing to request clarification on your government’s policy on targeted killings, specifically those carried out by the UK’s closest ally, the United States. In recent years the Obama administration has greatly expanded the…

Britain, pushed by the US, is trying to insert a massive loophole in the treaty banning cluster weapons

Before it is too late, the UK needs to start showing some humanitarian principles and some political backbone. As a close ally of the US and a major military player on the global stage, it is important that the UK remains on board the Oslo process. But it…
We’ve gathered at the home of the Gaelic Games to write a major new piece of international law. Here in the massive Croke Park Stadium in Dublin, nearly 1,000 diplomats and campaigners are thronging the chilly halls to hammer out the final text of a…
The UK government should abandon its insistence on exempting certain weapons from the new cluster munitions treaty whose text is being finalized next month, Human Rights Watch said today. The government is seeking to weaken the treaty in other ways as…

The British government must take this new opportunity to end its shameful opposition to a ban on cluster bombs.

According to the police report, Kamaleddine Mohammad was gathering wood near the Rashidiyeh Palestinian refugee camp outside Tyre in Lebanon last month when he stepped on an unexploded submunition from a cluster bomb. Mohammad was yet another victim of…