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 “They Put Me in the Hole” 
 Military Detention, Torture, and Lack of Due Process in
 I. Glossary
 of Acronyms
 II. Summary
 To the
 President and Government of Angola
August 2003Vol. 15, No. 16 (A) ANGOLA STRUGGLING THROUGH PEACE Returnand Resettlement in Angola ACRONYMS MAP OF ANGOLA.. I.SUMMARY.. II.RECOMMENDATIONS To the Government of Angola: To Donor Countries to Angola: To the United Nations Agencies: To the…
Angola ratified the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty on July 5, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo acceded to the treaty on May 2. The treaty now has 125 State Parties, while another 18 countries have signed but not yet ratified this landmark agreement. HRW is…
Landmines have rendered large areas of arable land and pasture, many roads, bridges, river banks, villages, and some important economic installations unfit for the people of Angola. This report shows that attempts to restrict their use in Angola have…