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 “They Put Me in the Hole” 
 Military Detention, Torture, and Lack of Due Process in
 I. Glossary
 of Acronyms
 II. Summary
 To the
 President and Government of Angola
Detained Without Trial Abuse of Internal Security Act Detainees in Malaysia I. Summary Methodology II. Background III. Current Detainees IV. Physical Abuse and Ill-Treatment of ISA Detainees in Kamunting Detention Center The December 2004 Incident at…
(New York) - Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi should declare an end to his country’s practice of detaining suspects without trial as he conducts his first visit to the United States and Europe as head of the Malaysian government, Human Rights…
(New York)—A group of detainees held under Malaysia’s draconian Internal Security Act launched a hunger strike yesterday to protest their detention for over two years without charge, Human Rights Watch said today. The Malaysian government should allow…
(New York)—The Malaysian government should not renew the detention orders of seven men who have been held for more than two years without charge or trial for their alleged involvement in terrorist activities, Human Rights Watch said today. Malaysian…
(Washington, DC) - Under President Bush's November 13th Military Order on military commissions, any foreign national designated by the President as a suspected terrorist or as aiding terrorists could potentially be detained, tried, convicted and even…