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90th Pre-Session

This submission focuses on the impact of lead pollution on children’s rights and the right to education, and particularly relates to articles 24, 28, and 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. It updates and complements Human Rights Watch’s…

Oral Testimony to New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Thank you for the opportunity to provide a short statement in support of the proposed regulation that seeks to add chlorpyrifos to the section 326.2(c) list of pesticide active ingredients that are no longer allowed to be distributed, sold, purchased,…

10 Key Issues that Demand the Administration's Immediate Attention

Whoever wins the November 3 presidential election has an opportunity  – and a responsibility – to help the United States move forward by making human rights a priority in the next administration. This includes ending policies that undermine the…
White house

Judicial Action by Environment Minister Threatens Free Speech

(São Paulo) – A Brazilian government action in response to a leading environmental defender’s criticism of the Bolsonaro administration’s disastrous environmental policy threatens freedom of expression, Human Rights Watch said today. The government should…
Image of an illegal deforestation strip in the Amazonian forest recorded during the Ibama’s Operation Brigada Verde, in Rondonia, Brazil in August 2019

Delivered by Mary Wareham, Human Rights Watch for the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

Thank you Mr. Chair. The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots is the rapidly growing coalition of more than 130 non-governmental organizations in 60 countries working with urgency to prohibit fully autonomous weapons, also known as lethal autonomous…

Delivered by Bonnie Docherty, Senior Researcher

Thank you for the floor. Human Rights Watch is one of the founders of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots and the global coordinator of the Campaign. Over the past six years, we have urged High Contracting Parties to identify options for…