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Release All Kidnapped and Detained Peaceful Activists

(Beirut) – Eight organizations released the following statement today calling on the Iraqi government to investigate the detention of activists and others since the start of the 2019 protests and to free all those held arbitrarily for peaceful…
Protesters marching in Al-Tahrir Square Tunnel in Baghdad, Iraq.

Delivered Under Item 2, Interactive Dialogue of HRC 25

We thank the High Commissioner for her statement. We share her concerns today on arbitrary detention, unfair trial and restrictions on freedom of expression and peaceful assembly in Egypt. The situation has grown increasingly dire over the past eight…

Oral statement under Item 4, General Debate

Since assuming power, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) of Egypt has failed to address several serious human rights problems in the country, and in many cases has exacerbated them.  Excessive use of force against protesters, with near-total…