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Selman Samaha Facing Unfair Trial Following Facebook Posts

Lebanese authorities are failing to abide by their obligations to protect individuals from unfair trials and to ensure their right to freedom of expression, nine human rights and media organizations said today, following yet another criminal investigation…
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Ahmad Amhaz Charged over Facebook Post

(Beirut) – The Lebanese government should release the activist Ahmad Amhaz and drop charges against him, six media organizations and human rights groups, including Human Rights Watch, said today. The groups issued the following statement: We,…

Oral Statement Under Item 6

The Universal Periodic Review of the United Kingdom addressed a range of concerns including counterterrorism legislation and policies, as well as ways in which the UK is failing to its obligations to promote and protect women’s human rights. The UK…

Human Rights Watch's Submission to the Human Rights Council

This submission summarizes Human Rights Watch’s key concerns with the United Kingdom’s compliance with international human rights law in the context of the fight against terrorism. Diplomatic assurances One of the most damaging counterterrorism policies…

27-30 November 2007 (94th Session)

Human Rights Watch delivered a statement at the 2007 Council meeting (94th Session) of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and its Member States expressing its continued committment to working with the Council and IOM to ensure that…