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January 2017

Human Rights Watch makes the following submission to the Senate of the Netherlands regarding the proposed law, now under consideration by the Senate, to restrict the wearing of full face coverings in public places throughout the Netherlands, including in…

Briefing to the 60th Session of the UN Commission on Human Rights

In its annual resolution on torture, the Commission on Human Rights should reaffirm the absolute obligation of states not to return (“refouler”) a person to a country where he or she is at risk of being subjected to torture or other cruel or inhuman…

Presented on the occasion of the Parliamentary Roundtable Discussion called by the Permanent Commission on Justice

Introduction Human Rights Watch is a privately funded international non-governmental organization dedicated to monitoring human rights conditions throughout the world and advocating policies to curb abuse. Our researchers regularly monitor human rights…

By Loretta Bondi, Advocacy Coordinator

Thank you Mr. Foreign Minister [of the Netherlands] for inviting me to this briefing, thank you Eugénia [Piza-Lopez of International Alert, who chaired the briefing]. Ladies and gentlemen.
 Most of you, I am sure, have come across the horrors of…